From the mild-mannered yet oft-censored Dennis Prager, for anyone feeling undertaxed or who advocates…
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Image of the Day: Anyone Thinking We're Undertaxed?

From the mild-mannered yet oft-censored Dennis Prager, for anyone feeling undertaxed or who advocates even higher taxes:

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May 17, 2019 • 09:36 am
Liberals Were Very Wrong About Tax Cuts. Again.

Liberals Were Very Wrong About Tax Cuts. Again.

In any event, the idea that the poor or middle class are being shaken down by the cuts was even more of a dishonest claim.

Electric Vehicle Subsidies: Crony Capitalist Taxpayer Subsidies for Californians and the Rich

Electric Vehicle Subsidies: Crony Capitalist Taxpayer Subsidies for Californians and the Rich

There’s simply no rational defense for expanding what is already an indefensible federal boondoggle into what could amount to a new unlimited liability for American taxpayers.

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