From Forbes, our image of the day captures nicely the mainstream media's credibility problem, as their…
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Image of the Day: Mainstream Media's Evaporating Credibility

From Forbes, our image of the day captures nicely the mainstream media's credibility problem, as their cries of "Wolf!" accumulate.  Simultaneously, it captures how three institutions most intertwined with conservative values - the military, small business and police - remain atop the list of public esteem.


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="960"] Media's Evaporating Credibility[/caption]


.  …[more]

October 04, 2019 • 10:29 am
End Impeachment Secrecy

End Impeachment Secrecy

It is simply inconceivable that a party could seek to remove a president but say to the American people, in essence, 'Trust us, we've got good reason.'

Members of Previous Generations Now Seem Like Giants

Members of Previous Generations Now Seem Like Giants

Our ancestors were builders and pioneers and mostly fearless. We are regulators, auditors, bureaucrats, adjudicators, censors, critics, plaintiffs, defendants, social media junkies and thin-skinned scolds.

GIPC Debuts Global Innovation and Creativity Barometer

GIPC Debuts Global Innovation and Creativity Barometer

Accordingly, both current reality and historical experience confirm the direct relationship between IP and prosperity.

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"Elizabeth Warren has a moving story about being fired from a teaching job because she was pregnant, a story that perfectly complements her political narrative that she is the tribune and champion of those who have been treated unfairly by the powerful. Joe Biden has a moving -- and horrifying -- story about his wife and daughter being killed by a drunk driver, a story that similarly could not have…[more]
—Kevin D. Williamson, National Review
— Kevin D. Williamson, National Review
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