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Join CFIF Corporate Counsel and Senior Vice President Renee Giachino today from 4:00 p.m. CDT to 6:00 p.m. CDT (that’s 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. EDT) on Northwest Florida’s 1330 AM/99.1FM WEBY, as she hosts her radio show, “Your Turn: Meeting Nonsense with Commonsense.” Today’s guest lineup includes:

4:00 CDT/5:00 pm EDT: Ross Marchand, Director of Policy at the Taxpayers Protection Alliance: U.S. Postal Service;

4:15 CDT/5:15 pm EDT: Quin Hillyer, Associate Editor of the Washington Examiner and Nationally Recognized Authority on the American Political Process: the Decline of the Humanities and the Rise of Prejudices;

4:30 CDT/5:30 pm EDT: Ashton Hayward, III, President of Andrews Research & Education Foundation: AREF's Mission and Projects;

4:45 CDT/5:45 pm EDT: Myron Ebell, Director…[more]

February 18, 2019 • 07:26 pm

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Notable Quotes
On the Immigrant Caravan and the Mid-Term Election:

"In love as in politics, timing is everything. Hardball politics is hastening a caravan of immigrants rumbling north toward the United States, on course to arrive sometime around Election Day, Nov. 6. The sight of thousands of illegals from Central America crashing the border could haunt voters as they step into the voting booth. Rather than propel the media-predicted flood of Democratic Party victories, it could have the opposite effect, reinforcing the growing feeling among Americans that they're on the verge of losing their nation. Will Americans decide who crosses the border, or enable prospective immigrants to do it for them. ...

"Border security has been one of President Trump's signature promises, and he tweets what many Americans are thinking as they watch news accounts of the advancing throng: 'Hard to believe that with thousands of people from South of the Border, walking unimpeded toward our country in the form of large caravans, that there's no support for legislation to enable effective support for laws to protect the country.'

"His pledge to return to the right to decide who may and may not share their their country should be a winner. That's what helped Donald Trump win the White House. Two years on, Gallup finds that Republican favorability outpolls Democratic favorability 45-44 percent to Gallup. As voters witness the immigrant caravan approach from the south and ponder the coming chaos of Democrats' open-borders policies, they're likely to conclude that Donald Trump has got it right."

— The Editors, The Washington Times
— The Editors, The Washington Times
Posted October 23, 2018 • 08:09 am
On Election Day's Blue Wave:

"Every election people talk about an 'October surprise' that upends the conventional wisdom about the outcome. Well, it appears we can see the contours of at least one October surprise. The Democrats have managed to shoot themselves in the foot with their handling of the Brett Kavanaugh nomination and the antics of their most extreme supporters. The 'Blue Wave' that liberals have been waiting for may still come, but it's more likely to splash the knees of most GOP incumbents than to submerge them.

"Veteran political handicapper Charlie Cook puts it bluntly in his latest column at the Cook Political Report, in which he asks whether 'those who led the out-of-control demonstrations on Capitol Hill against the Kavanaugh nomination have any understanding of how much damage they did to Democrats and the party's chances of winning a majority in the Senate.' His answer: 'My guess is they don't. But Senate Democrats probably do.'

"Cook now says the odds of Democrats winning a Senate a majority are 'long, no better than 1 in 5.' As of today, 'a Republican net gain of a seat or two seems most likely, moving the GOP up to either 52 or 53 seats, though a gain of three seats or no net change [is] entirely possible.'"

Read entire article here.

— John Fund, National Review
— John Fund, National Review
Posted October 22, 2018 • 08:36 am
On the Proper Role of the Supreme Court in our Constitutional System:

"With the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh, for the first time in generations there is a majority of justices on the Supreme Court who, to varying degrees, practice originalism and textualism. This means that the Court can systematically begin to restore the Constitution to its original meaning. This constitutional restoration does not mean that the Constitution's original meaning is the best choice from a policy perspective on any given issue. It means that the people get to decide what is best, and the Supreme Court is bound to follow their will. The Court has no authority to diverge from the Constitution's original meaning, only a duty to return to it until the people decide otherwise. And with the Court's new makeup, a day when it once again sits atop the 'least dangerous' branch of government is within sight."

— John Yoo and James C. Phillips
— John Yoo and James C. Phillips
Posted October 19, 2018 • 08:08 am
On Repealing Obamacare:

"Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Republicans will try again to repeal Obamacare if they have the votes to do so after the November midterm elections.

"'If we had the votes to completely start over, we'd do it,' he told Reuters on Wednesday. 'But that depends on what happens in a couple weeks ...We're not satisfied with the way Obamacare is working.'

"The GOP's efforts under President Trump to overturn the Affordable Care Act crashed in July of last summer after a dramatic vote rejected the repeal bill by just one no vote, that of recently deceased Republican Senator John McCain."

Read entire article here.

— Mairead McArdle, National Review Online
— Mairead McArdle, National Review Online
Posted October 18, 2018 • 08:12 am
On the Clintons' Latest Foray Into the Public Square:

"The last thing Democrats wanted to do in October 2018 was talk about the Clintons.

"Bill and Hillary Clinton aren't just the past of the Democratic Party. The once-enormously-popular two-term president and the party's 2016 standard-bearer are the living embodiments of two of the Democrats' biggest problems: hypocrisy about the #MeToo movement, which they believe they can exploit politically, and contempt for the working-class voters who cost the party the last presidential election.

"Any mention of the Clintons, whether with respect to Bill Clinton's predatory personal behavior or Hillary's insatiable need to relitigate her 2016 defeat and to justify her incompetent presidential campaign, distracts the voters from the topic Democrats want to discuss: President Donald Trump.

"And yet, talking heads even on the network shows and cable-news outlets most hostile to Trump have spent a considerable amount of time reacting to the Clintons' latest foray into the public square. Rationalizing Bill and Hillary is hard duty, yet some on the left are still up to the task, though they seem to be doing it more out of habit than conviction. But even those most inclined to sympathize with the Clintons seem to understand that justifying their latest statements -- or even their puzzling decision to take to the road as a duo on a pricey lecture tour -- is a counterproductive exercise for those who would rather be expending effort attacking Republicans. ...

"Why are the Clintons sabotaging their party in this manner?

"Only they can answer that question, but it's clear that their sense of entitlement is at the heart of their refusal to simply go away, as so much of the country would prefer they do. They remain as clueless about the inappropriateness of the former president's unrepentant attitude as they were about how Hillary's deceitful attitude about the email scandal and other key issues cost her the election. Their belief that their self-proclaimed high-minded motives justify anything they do defines them as much today as it did in 1998 or 2016."

— Jonathan S. Tobin, Editor in Chief and National Review Contributor
— Jonathan S. Tobin, Editor in Chief and National Review Contributor
Posted October 17, 2018 • 08:09 am
On Summoning Witches to Anti-War Rally:

"Politicians talk about 'witch hunts' so often that the occult has almost become cliche in American politics. But in Arizona, there's at least one candidate on the ballot who takes sorcery very seriously.

"Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, is not a witch. But she has been known to hang out with witches. It was during the height of the Iraq War when Sinema, then a far-left protest organizer, summoned supernatural help to stop the Iraq War.

"Emails obtained by the Washington Examiner show Sinema inviting a prominent coven of feminist witches in Arizona called Pagan Cluster to celebrate International Women's Day and to protest the war in March of 2003. Code Pink protesters wore pink, obviously enough, and the Women in Black wore black. But Sinema encouraged the witches to wear 'colorful clothing and come ready to dance, twirl, and stay in touch with your inner creativity and with the Earth.'"

Read entire article here.

— Philip Wegmann, Washington Examiner
— Philip Wegmann, Washington Examiner
Posted October 16, 2018 • 08:28 am
On How the U.S. Should Respond to Saudi Arabia & the Disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi:

"Saudi Arabia has been the linchpin of America's Middle East strategy for close to a century. That relationship has not been without costs. What would the cost be if the alliance fractured? The Saudis would be imperiled in Yemen, potentially endangering the free flow of traffic in the Gulf of Aden. Iranian victory there would extend a Shia crescent in the south to accompany the one running through Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon.

"Governments without democratic legitimacy are brittle and unpredictable -- a fact highlighted not only by Khashoggi but also by recent Saudi actions against Canada and the crown prince's delayed IPO of oil giant Aramco. America has sustained and protected the Saudis for decades. Withdrawing such protection would open the regime to both domestic and international challenges. As President Trump put it recently, Saudi Arabia wouldn't last two weeks without American support. The Middle East and Levant already are filled with examples of state failure. Is America prepared to risk another?

"A Saudi meltdown would deprive the United States of a counterterrorist ally, roil energy markets, create pockets of instability in which jihadists and Iranian-backed militias thrive, and cause headaches for Israel. To forestall such a disaster, the Saudis, like others before them, might turn to either Russia or China for support. That would accelerate the waning of American influence in the Middle East. It would boost the very autocracies we condemn.

"Punish the Saudis if it turns out they acted no better than Russia, China, North Korea, Syria, and Iran. And as you weigh the evidence and consider the form of reprimand, keep in mind the following: The penalty must fit the crime; neither democracy nor peace is likely to follow the end of the House of Saud; and the morality of cable news and the op-ed page counts for little in the ruthless, brutal, conspiratorial, and bloody Middle East."

Read entire article here.

— Matthew Continetti, Washington Free Beacon Editor in Chief, Writing in National Review
— Matthew Continetti, Washington Free Beacon Editor in Chief, Writing in National Review
Posted October 15, 2018 • 08:05 am
On UN Claims That the U.S. is Killing Planet Earth:

"The United Nations and nearly 100 climate scientists from across the globe have issued their latest environmental primal scream. Thanks to climate change, the planet is evidently on a path of 'unprecedented environmental destruction' that will destroy life on earth as we know it. ...

"People can make up their own minds about the veracity of these latest predictions. But we already know that one conclusion of the UN report is dead wrong. This is the script that the United States, and particularly President Trump, is the environmental Darth Vader here.

"The Los Angeles Times put it this way: 'The report serves as a stark reminder of President Trump's status as a global outlier in terms of climate change ... Trump has rejected the 2015 Paris agreement signed by 195 nations to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, expressed skepticism about human-caused climate change and vowed to increase coal-burning.'

"Wait a minute. In 2017, the country that reduced its greenhouse-gas emissions the most wasn't Canada or Britain or Germany or Australia or France. It was the United States. That's right -- the one country that pulled out of the phony Paris Climate Accord reduced its carbon emissions by 0.5 percent, the most of all major countries.

"That's especially impressive given that our economy grew by nearly 3 percent. In other words, we had more growth and less pollution -- the best of all worlds. The major reason for the reduced pollution levels is the shale oil and gas revolution that is transitioning the world to cheap and clean natural gas for electric power."

Read entire article here.

— Stephen Moore, Heritage Foundation Senior Fellow and Freedom­Works Economic Consultant
— Stephen Moore, Heritage Foundation Senior Fellow and Freedom­Works Economic Consultant
Posted October 12, 2018 • 08:07 am
On Confirming Judges Before the Mid-term Elections:

"With the Supreme Court nomination of Brett M. Kavanaugh completed, GOP senators are quickly pivoting to filling out the rest of the federal courts, eyeing more than 40 district and circuit judges they want to confirm before the end of the year.

"One top priority is filling the seat left vacant on the powerful D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals when Justice Kavanaugh was elevated.

"Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley, Republicans' point man on the issue, said if the White House can nominate someone this week, lawmakers could have Justice Kavanaugh's replacement seated by Christmas.

"That would be in addition to 38 district judges and three circuit judges already pending on the Senate floor, who Republicans say they should confirm before they leave Washington to campaign for the mid-term elections.

"'McConnell ought to keep the Senate in session until we get all 41 of those judges done,' Mr. Grassley told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt Wednesday."

Read entire article here.

— Alex Swoyer, The Washington Times
— Alex Swoyer, The Washington Times
Posted October 11, 2018 • 08:05 am
On The Left's Promise to Abuse Power:

"The Democrats who caused and put on the entire Kavanaugh farce are already promising to abuse their power further, if the voters will only give more of it to them. They are promising a scurrilous impeachment of Kavanaugh, and also to pack the Supreme Court if given the chance. Why? Because they are angry, and they don't respect the rules and norms of government, and they are not mature or clever enough to wait to reveal this until they have power.

"The same party that originally went nuclear on judicial confirmations -- a temptation Republicans resisted ten years earlier in the same circumstances -- have also brainwashed themselves into believing that they played no role in the breakdown of comity in our institutions of government. This makes them especially dangerous. Having failed to accept the outcome of the 2016 election, they are now trying to place an asterisk next to a lawfully and constitutionally confirmed Supreme Court justice.

"In truth, the only cloud over Kavanaugh is the one that they worked hard -- but not hard enough -- to put there. When they promise to abuse power, and to be even more ruthless next time (it's hard to imagine how they could do that without physical violence), voters should take them seriously."

— The Editors, Washington Examiner
— The Editors, Washington Examiner
Posted October 10, 2018 • 08:17 am
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"In America, the left knows it can't just spring socialism on the land. They must accustom people to their most grandiose projects while maneuvering the politics and grinding away at public opposition.Miss Ocasio-Cortez and her comrades expect us to ridicule then ignore her silly Green New Deal while they work tirelessly to make it a reality. So unless we're willing to cede our most fundamental freedoms…[more]
—Monica Crowley, The Washington Times
— Monica Crowley, The Washington Times
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