From Forbes, our image of the day captures nicely the mainstream media's credibility problem, as their…
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Image of the Day: Mainstream Media's Evaporating Credibility

From Forbes, our image of the day captures nicely the mainstream media's credibility problem, as their cries of "Wolf!" accumulate.  Simultaneously, it captures how three institutions most intertwined with conservative values - the military, small business and police - remain atop the list of public esteem.


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="960"] Media's Evaporating Credibility[/caption]


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October 04, 2019 • 10:29 am

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Notable Quotes
On Joe Biden's Shifting China Policy:

"Last week in New Hampshire, he wailed, 'What are we worried about?'

"All that fit with the policies he supported for eight years as No. 2 to President Barack Obama, who responded to China's theft of intellectual property and other clear violations of World Trade Organization rules by . . . asking President Xi Jinping to stop. As if.

"Trump has been doing what Team Obama never dared: Calling China to account, and putting all its trade privileges at risk if it doesn't change. And he's standing firm: When Beijing reneged on trade concessions last month, he broke off talks and imposed tougher tariffs. He also blacklisted tech giant Huawei as a risk to US national security.

"Even as Biden finally is admitting that Trump was right about the problem, he still claims he's 'worried about China ... if we keep following Trump's path.' So even while pretending to turn hawkish, he's still a dove.

"This is Biden's second major flip-flop in a week, after abandoning a career-long position on abortion. He's been shifting left on a host of other issues, such as climate change, too. Who will Uncle Joe even be by the end of the campaign?"

— The Editors, New York Post
— The Editors, New York Post
Posted June 12, 2019 • 08:30 am
On the FBI Tragedy of Elites Above the Law:

"One of the media and beltway orthodoxies we constantly hear is that just a few bad apples under James Comey at the FBI explain why so many FBI elites have been fired, resigned, reassigned, demoted, or retired -- or just left for unexplained reasons. The list is long and includes director James Comey himself, deputy director Andrew McCabe, counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok, attorney Lisa Page, chief of staff James Rybicki, general counsel James Baker, assistant director for public affairs Mike Kortan, Comey's special assistant Josh Campbell, executive assistant director James Turgal, assistant director for office of congressional affairs Greg Bower, executive assistant director Michael Steinbach, and executive assistant director John Giacalone. In short, in about every growing scandal of the past two years -- FISA, illegal leaking, spying on a presidential candidate, lying under oath, obstructing justice -- someone in the FBI is involved. ...

"Fairly or not, the current FBI tragedy is that an American citizen should be duly worried about his constitutional rights any time he is approached by such senior FBI officials. That is not a slur on the rank and file, but the legacy of the supposed best and brightest of the agency and their distortions of the bureau's once professional creed."

— Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Institution Senior Fellow and Nationally Syndicated Columnist
— Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Institution Senior Fellow and Nationally Syndicated Columnist
Posted June 11, 2019 • 08:00 am
On the Results of the President's Mexican Tariff Threat:

"All the hysteria over President Trump's latest tariff threat to Mexico proved wrong Friday, as the two sides reached a deal that gave Trump what he'd demanded: much more vigorous cooperation in stopping illegal Central American migrants from travelling 1,200-plus miles across Mexico to sneak into the United States.

"It may not stop the surge that's crossed the 100,000-a-month line, overwhelming the Border Patrol as well as the various social-service agencies that have to handle these immigrants. But it's sure a huge step.

"With the Democrats who control the House refusing to OK emergency funds to deal with this humanitarian crisis, the president took a brilliant step outside the box when he publicly upped the pressure on Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to finally start doing his part."

— New York Post Editorial Board
— New York Post Editorial Board
Posted June 10, 2019 • 08:02 am
On Mueller Report Errors and Omissions:

"In a key finding of the Mueller report, Ukrainian businessman Konstantin Kilimnik, who worked for Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, is tied to Russian intelligence.

"But hundreds of pages of government documents -- which special counsel Robert Mueller possessed since 2018 -- describe Kilimnik as a 'sensitive' intelligence source for the U.S. State Department who informed on Ukrainian and Russian matters.

"Why Mueller's team omitted that part of the Kilimnik narrative from its report and related court filings is not known. But the revelation of it comes as the accuracy of Mueller's Russia conclusions face increased scrutiny. ...

"Attorney General William Barr has said some of the Mueller report's legal reasoning conflicts with Justice Department policies. And former Trump attorney John Dowd made a compelling case that Mueller's report wrongly portrayed a phone message he left for a witness.

"A few more such errors and omissions, and Americans may begin to wonder if the Mueller report is worth the paper on which it was printed."

Read entire article here.

— John Solomon, The Hill Investigative Columnist and EVP for Video
— John Solomon, The Hill Investigative Columnist and EVP for Video
Posted June 07, 2019 • 08:04 am
On the Critical Problem of Made-Up News:

"Many Americans say the creation and spread of made-up news and information is causing significant harm to the nation and needs to be stopped, according to a new Pew Research Center survey of 6,127 U.S. adults conducted between Feb. 19 and March 4, 2019, on the Center's American Trends Panel.

"Indeed, more Americans view made-up news as a very big problem for the country than identify terrorism, illegal immigration, racism and sexism that way. Additionally, nearly seven-in-ten U.S. adults (68%) say made-up news and information greatly impacts Americans' confidence in government institutions, and roughly half (54%) say it is having a major impact on our confidence in each other.

"U.S. adults blame political leaders and activists far more than journalists for the creation of made-up news intended to mislead the public. But they believe it is primarily the responsibility of journalists to fix the problem. And they think the issue will get worse in the foreseeable future."

Read entire article here.

— Amy Mitchell, Jeffrey Gottfried, Sophia Fedeli, Galen Stocking and Mason Walker, Pew Research Center
— Amy Mitchell, Jeffrey Gottfried, Sophia Fedeli, Galen Stocking and Mason Walker, Pew Research Center
Posted June 06, 2019 • 08:14 am
On A History Lesson for the Modern World:

"The modern world as we know it was born in the aftermath of World War II. Unprecedented levels of peace, prosperity and democracy spread across the globe and were guaranteed by financial and military institutions funded mostly by America.

"But vigilance waned as memories dimmed, and much of Europe used the continent's longest holiday from war to disarm and expand their welfare states. They assumed, correctly, that America would be there to protect them.

"Then along comes Trump with his America First agenda and instantly he's the skunk at their garden party. He demands, outrageously in their view, that Europe finally pay its fair share for the common defense, a promise often made but never kept.

"They hate his insistence on border security, even as their nations are roiled by their own influx of uninvited migrants. They hate him for this and they hate him for that, but most of all, they hate him for being so damn American."

Read entire article here.

— Michael Goodwin, New York Post
— Michael Goodwin, New York Post
Posted June 05, 2019 • 07:37 am
On Judge Shooting Down House Attempt to Block Trump’s Border Wall Emergency:

"A federal judge on Monday rejected an attempt by the Democrat-led House to bar President Donald Trump from spending $6.1 billion in unappropriated funds to build a border wall.

"In a 24-page opinion, D.C.-based District Court Judge Trevor McFadden said that the court lacked authority to resolve a funding dispute between the executive and legislative branches.

"'While the Constitution bestows upon members of the House many powers, it does not grant them standing to hale the executive branch into court claiming a dilution of Congress's legislative authority,' McFadden wrote.

"The ruling deals a momentary victory to Trump. A separate Oakland-based federal judge in late May issued a preliminary injunction that blocked the transfer of roughly $1 billion in Defense Department counter-drug funding to cover expansions and enhancement of border barriers."

— Ted Hesson,
— Ted Hesson,
Posted June 04, 2019 • 08:01 am
On the Department of Justice, the FBI and POTUS:

"... I love the Department of Justice, I love the FBI, I think it's important that we not, in this period of intense partisan feeling, destroy our institutions. I think one of the ironies today is that people are saying that it's President Trump that's shredding our institutions. I really see no evidence of that, it is hard, and I really haven't seen bill of particulars as to how that's being done. From my perspective the idea of resisting a democratically elected president and basically throwing everything at him and you know, really changing the norms on the grounds that we have to stop this president, that is where the shredding of our norms and our institutions is occurring."

Read interview transcript here.

— Attorney General William Barr, CBS THIS MORNING Interview with Jan Crawford, CBS News Chief Legal Correspondent
— Attorney General William Barr, CBS THIS MORNING Interview with Jan Crawford, CBS News Chief Legal Correspondent
Posted June 03, 2019 • 08:06 am
On Taxing Illegal Immigration at the Source:

"WASHINGTON -- President Trump said Thursday that he would impose a 5 percent tariff on all imported goods from Mexico beginning June 10, a tax that would 'gradually increase' until the flow of undocumented immigrants across the border stopped.

"The announcement, which Mr. Trump made on his Twitter feed, said the tariffs would be in place 'until such time as illegal migrants coming through Mexico, and into our Country, STOP.'

"In a presidential statement that followed, he said that tariffs would be raised to 10 percent on July 1 'if the crisis persists,' and then by an additional 5 percent each month for three months. They would remain at 25 percent until Mexico acted, he said."

— Annie Karni, Ana Swanson and Michael D. Shear, The New York Times
— Annie Karni, Ana Swanson and Michael D. Shear, The New York Times
Posted May 31, 2019 • 08:00 am
On Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Political Intentions:

"If there were any doubts about Special Counsel Robert Mueller's political intentions, his unprecedented press conference on Wednesday should put them all to rest. As he made abundantly clear during his doddering reading of a prepared statement that repeatedly contradicted itself, Mueller had no interest in the equal application of the rule of law. He gave the game, and his nakedly political intentions, away repeatedly throughout his statement. ...

"In fact, DOJ guidelines expressly prohibit the actions of both Comey and Mueller in naming and shaming individuals who were never formally charged with any wrongdoing.

"'As a series of cases makes clear, there is ordinarily "no legitimate governmental interest served" by the government's public allegation of wrongdoing by an uncharged party, and this is true "regardless of what criminal charges may ... b[e] contemplated by the Assistant United States Attorney against the [third-party] for the future,"' states DOJ's formal policy manual on the duties of federal prosecutors and principles of federal prosecutions.

"Nationwide bar rules governing all practicing attorneys in the United States also explicitly prohibit Mueller's display during Wednesday's press conference.

"'The prosecutor in a criminal case shall ... refrain from making extrajudicial comments that have a substantial likelihood of heightening public condemnation of the accused,' states Rule 3.8(f) of the American Bar Association's rules of professional conduct."

Read entire article here.

— Sean Davis, The Federalist Co-Founder
— Sean Davis, The Federalist Co-Founder
Posted May 30, 2019 • 08:03 am
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"Everyone who already thought the case for President Trump's impeachment was a slam-dunk went berserk Thursday, claiming that acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney had just admitted to a quid pro quo with Ukraine.Except that what Mulvaney 'admitted' is that the administration was doing what it should -- pushing a foreign government to cooperate in getting to the bottom of foreign interference…[more]
—The Editorial Board, New York Post
— The Editorial Board, New York Post
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