Americans already expressed record satisfaction on economic conditions in the U.S., over three years…
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Image of the Day: Economy Even Better Than We Realized

Americans already expressed record satisfaction on economic conditions in the U.S., over three years into President Trump's tenure.  Turns out that things are even better than we initially realized, as employment data from the end of 2019 was just significantly updated:

. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="480"] Even Better Than First Realized[/caption]


.  …[more]

February 14, 2020 • 10:06 am

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Week of August 22nd 2018
Which one of the following famous individuals died aboard the RMS Titanic in April 1912?
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Week of August 15th 2018
After the Revolutionary War, while Thomas Jefferson served as U.S. Ambassador to France and John Adams as Ambassador to England, the fledgling U.S. faced its greatest naval threat from which of the following?
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American Samoa
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How many Members of the House of Representatives have been on the general election ballot for President while they were still sitting House Members?
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"For those who can do simple arithmetic, here are some fun numbers on Bernie Sanders' harebrained socialist schemes:Bernie Sanders said at the debate last night that he wants minimum wage to be $15 per hour.15$ X 40 per week = $600600$ X 52 weeks per yr = $31,200Bernie Sanders wants free health care for all and was asked how he would pay for it. His answer was raise taxes to 52% on anybody making…[more]
—Tweet By James Woods, Actor, Social Commentator (and MIT graduate)
— Tweet By James Woods, Actor, Social Commentator (and MIT graduate)
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