From AEI, another helpful corrective for the common claim that American incomes have stagnated, this…
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Image of the Day: Yes, Incomes Have Risen

From AEI, another helpful corrective for the common claim that American incomes have stagnated, this one incorporating the fact that the average size of households has declined over recent decades:

. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="1309"] Median Incomes[/caption]

.  …[more]

September 19, 2019 • 10:03 am

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On September 17 of which one of the following years was the U.S. Constitution sent to Congress for ratification by the states?
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"A close friend and former colleague of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, echoed new revelations from former Senator Orrin Hatch R-Ut., that Joe Biden did not believe Anita Hill after she accused Thomas of sexual harassment during Thomas' Supreme Court confirmation process. ...Williams' recollection is line with that of Biden's former Senate colleague, Orrin Hatch, who appears in the new Fox…[more]
—Matt London, Fox News
— Matt London, Fox News
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