From AEI, something to remember when we're told that the middle class in America is disappearing. …
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Image of the Day: Middle Class Shrinking... In a Good Way

From AEI, something to remember when we're told that the middle class in America is disappearing.  It's disappearing because people are moving upward:


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="1569"] Middle Class Disappearing... Upward[/caption]


.  …[more]

August 19, 2019 • 10:12 am

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Lawsuit Settled Over "Animal Carcass Removal" Print
Tuesday, December 04 2012

A restaurant owner and phone book company have settled a lawsuit over the placement of a listing for the Montana restaurant in the "Animal Carcass Removal" section of the yellow pages.

Restaurant owner Hunter Lacey's lawsuit claims the Dex Media Inc. phone book salesman deliberately published the free listing under the "Animal Carcass Removal" section after he refused to buy an advertisement in the phone book. According to the plaintiff, Big Sky Beverage Inc., parent company of Bar 3 Bar-B-Q, the inaccurate listing cost the restaurant owner some of his customers and made him the butt of a Jay Leno joke.

The lawsuit sought damages for alleged negligence, defamation and slander, among other charges. The case ultimately settled, with the phone book company agreeing to make a payment to the restaurant owner of an undisclosed amount.

The salesman no longer works for the company.


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"This weekend we were treated to the latest installment of a new kind of political performance art created by Antifa and their white nationalist rivals. It may seem strange to call it art, but really that's what it is. Neither of these groups is an actual political force in America with policies or representing large constituencies. Neither are they true revolutionaries who are engaged in some war…[more]
—David Marcus, The Federalist
— David Marcus, The Federalist
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