Economist Deirdre McCloskey will soon release her new book entitled "Bourgeois Equality:  How Ideas…
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Image of the Day: A Powerful Tribute to Free Market Capitalism

Economist Deirdre McCloskey will soon release her new book entitled "Bourgeois Equality:  How Ideas, Not Capital or Institutions, Enriched the World." It it, she describes the unprecedented transformation  and improvement of human wellbeing through the power of economic freedom, as illustrated by this graph:

. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="568" caption="The Power of Free Markets"][/caption]

. As McCloskey summarizes, that's the result of the free market revolution:

. [I]n the two centuries after 1800, the trade-tested goods and services available to the average person in Sweden or Taiwan rose by a factor of 30 or 100.  Not 100 percent, understand - a mere doubling - but in its highest estimate a factor of 100, nearly 10,000 percent, and at least a factor of 30…[more]

August 18, 2017 • 01:52 pm

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Home Press Room CFIF Statement on FCC Chairman Pai's Business Data Services Reform Initiative
CFIF Statement on FCC Chairman Pai's Business Data Services Reform Initiative Print
Thursday, March 30 2017

Today, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai continued on his reform agenda by moving to reverse destructive Business Data Services (BDS) regulations imposed by former Chairman Tom Wheeler late last year.  In response, Center for Individual Freedom (CFIF) Senior Vice President of Legal and Public Affairs Timothy Lee issued the following statement: 

"In releasing today’s draft proposal to deregulate the BDS market, Chairman Pai is meeting his promise to bring accountability and transparency to the FCC.  More importantly, this draft lays out a clear plan for getting federal bureaucrats out of the business of micromanaging a BDS marketplace already teeming with competition and investment.  We urge the Commissioners to support this proposal, which will ensure that businesses large and small continue to have access to a growing number of providers for the data services that power modern business communications," Lee said.

"We’re pleased that Chairman Pai has emphatically rejected his predecessor’s failed embrace of overregulation and price controls.  This market-oriented proposal instead clears away artificial rate regulations, which will lead to even more investment and innovation as private capital flows freely to meet the growing demand for high-speed, high-capacity services," Lee continued.

"It’s economics 101:  Deregulating markets leads to greater investment, greater competition and greater innovation.  CFIF therefore applauds Chairman Pai for his leadership and his support for free market principles," Lee concluded.


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"We are in an age of melodrama, not tragedy, in which we who are living in a leisured and affluent age (in part due to the accumulated learning and moral wisdom gained and handed down by former generations of the poor and less aware) pass judgement on prior ages because they lacked our own enlightened and sophisticated views of humanity -- as if we lucky few were born fully ethically developed from…[more]
—Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Institution Senior Fellow
— Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Institution Senior Fellow
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