Good news within the federal regulatory leviathan has been depressingly rare, perhaps most of all at…
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Positive News: FCC Delays Vote on Toxic TV Set-Top Box Scheme

Good news within the federal regulatory leviathan has been depressingly rare, perhaps most of all at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  This week, however, brought a remarkably welcome development worthy of celebration.

Specifically, the FCC delayed its vote on a toxic and entirely unwarranted new proposal to regulate cable television set-top boxes before the Obama presidency's clock expires, in what The Wall Street Journal labeled "a major blow to the proposal" and "a setback to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler on one of his top priorities for the year."

Even Democrats have attacked the scheme as a "massive new federal regulation," and CFIF stands alongside a broad coalition of conservative and libertarian organizations in opposition.  The…[more]

September 30, 2016 • 12:08 pm

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CFIF Launches Radio Ad Exposing Rep. Sean Duffy’s Flip-Flop on “Super Chapter 9 Bankruptcy” for Puerto Rico Print E-mail
Friday, April 22 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Center for Individual Freedom (CFIF) today is launching a new radio ad in Wisconsin exposing Representative Sean Duffy’s flip-flop on a Super Chapter 9 bankruptcy-style bailout for Puerto Rico.

In February, Representative Duffy spoke of the dangers of a Super Chapter 9 bailout, noting that it would raise borrowing costs for states and stating that “all of us will pay the price for the cost of borrowing” if Congress enacts Super Chapter 9. Now, Representative Duffy is sponsoring the “Super Chapter 9” PROMESA bill (HR 4900), despite his clear understanding of the dangers it poses and precedent it sets.

“We merely seek to educate Representative Duffy’s constituents on his evolving position regarding legislation that includes Super Chapter 9 bailout provisions for Puerto Rico,” said Timothy Lee, CFIF’s Senior Vice President of Legal and Public Affairs.  “A Super Chapter 9 bankruptcy-style bailout will negatively impact the savings of Puerto Rico bondholders across the state, and all of Wisconsin could be forced to shoulder the increased costs of borrowing.”

This ad is CFIF’s latest in its ongoing campaign to educate Americans on the effects of a Super Chapter 9 bailout for Puerto Rico. The PROMESA Super Chapter 9 bill imperils the rule of law and undermines the rights of Puerto Rico’s bondholders. It will diminish retirement savings and drive up borrowing costs across America.

Listen to the ad here, and click here to see Representative Duffy highlight the dangers of Super Chapter 9 for yourself.



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—The Editors, Washington Examiner
— The Editors, Washington Examiner
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