Barack Obama's solemn assurances regarding ObamaCare, including "If you like your  doctor, you can…
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Stiffed: Middle Class Carrying Increasing Share of U.S. Healthcare Burden

Barack Obama's solemn assurances regarding ObamaCare, including "If you like your  doctor, you can keep your doctor," have been exposed as fraudulent.  That's a main reason why his main "legacy" has remained terribly unpopular since its inception.

Now, another alarming factor has been added to the miserable litany:  Middle-class Americans have had the cost of it all increasingly heaped upon them.  Since 2000, U.S. healthcare spending has jumped from 13.3% of our economy to 18.2% this year.  The news gets worse for the middle class:

The government has taken on a larger share in recent years as more people age into Medicare, and the Affordable Care Act [ObamaCare] expanded Medicaid and provided subsidies for low-income people buying insurance on state exchanges.  Middle-class households…[more]

August 29, 2016 • 02:09 pm

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New CFIF Ad Exposes Revised PROMESA Legislation for What It Remains: A “Super Chapter 9” Bailout for Puerto Rico Print E-mail
Wednesday, April 13 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Center for Individual Freedom (CFIF) today announced a new television ad about the “Super Chapter 9” bailout legislation for Puerto Rico (H.R. 4900) that was formally introduced yesterday by Congressman Sean Duffy (R-WI) and is currently under consideration by the Committee on Natural Resources in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“We are deeply concerned by this most recent version of the ‘Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act’ (PROMESA),” said Timothy Lee, CFIF’s Senior Vice President of Legal and Public Affairs. “The language of the bill is updated from the ‘Discussion Draft’ released in late March, but it is far from improved and lawmakers should not be fooled by it.  Despite claims to the contrary, this legislation is a Super Chapter 9 bailout on the backs of America’s retirees and savers, and violates the principles of property rights and the rule of law.”

The new ad is the latest component of CFIF’s education campaign about the contagion effect of a “Super Chapter 9” bailout. Should Congress retroactively change the rules of the game for Puerto Rico’s debt, effectively sacrificing the rule of law and property rights in order to give the Commonwealth unprecedented access to bankruptcy measures, there will be very real consequences for America’s taxpayers, investors and state and municipal governments.

“CFIF remains ready to support more effective proposals that address Puerto Rico's financial woes while safeguarding the principles of property rights and the rule of law,” said Lee.  “Such proposals include reforms relating to Puerto Rico's destructive minimum wage, Jones Act constraints and public union strike laws, among others.”

CFIF encourages all Americans to contact their representatives in Congress and tell them to vote against any bailout of Puerto Rico that constitutes, in name or effect, provisions commonly referred to as “Super Chapter 9.”

View the television ad below.



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— New York Post Editorial Board
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