In our Liberty Update commentary entitled "No, Scandinavia Doesn't Vindicate Socialism" this week, we…
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Image of the Day: Gallup Poll on Americans' View of Job Market Hits All-Time Record

In our Liberty Update commentary entitled "No, Scandinavia Doesn't Vindicate Socialism" this week, we rightly ridicule admitted socialist Bernie Sanders, including his odd claim that "we now have an economy that is fundamentally broke and grotesquely unfair."  Well, as this Gallup survey illustrates, he's swimming upstream against American public opinion.  Specifically, in a survey that Gallup has conducted periodically since 2001, the public's view of the job market has now hit an all-time record high:

. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="720"] Sorry, Socialists[/caption]


. Perhaps this helps explain why Sanders has suddenly plummeted in 2020 Democratic candidate surveys, although one wonders how long people like Elizabeth Warren can avoid the same fate.


June 14, 2019 • 02:30 pm

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Statement by CFIF President Jeffrey Mazzella On Comcast's Announced Interest In Bidding for 21st Century Fox Assets Print E-mail
Wednesday, May 23 2018

ALEXANDRIA, VA  This morning, Comcast announced that it is considering and preparing an offer for certain assets of 21st Century Fox.  In response, Jeffrey Mazzella, President of the Center for Individual Freedom, issued the following statement: 

"Today's announcement is yet more evidence that free markets work.  Instead of currying regulatory favor, bidders must be allowed to compete openly and fairly, and 21st Century Fox's board of directors must act in the best interests of its shareholders. 

"Despite the empty arguments we may hear from anti-market extremists for whom more government intervention is the answer to every question, the undeniable truth is that the film and television businesses have never been more competitive, dynamic or creatively rich.  Consumers have more choices than ever before and consumers, not government bureaucrats, are empowered to pick winners and losers with their viewing choices.  In such a competitive environment, there's no credible argument for why a proposed merger like this one shouldn't be approved."   



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— Kevin D. Williamson, National Review
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