CFIF has joined a broad coalition of fellow conservative and libertarian free-market organizations in…
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Image of the Day: Peril of a "Buy American" Medical Mandate

CFIF has joined a broad coalition of fellow conservative and libertarian free-market organizations in opposing any proposed "Buy American" mandates on medicines, because they would place unnecessary sourcing requirements upon medicines and medical imputs purchased with federal dollars.  That is the last thing that Americans need at the moment, not least because it doesn't single out China in the way that some falsely assume, and the just-released coalition letter is worth reading in its entirety here.

In that vein, however, this image helpfully illustrates some of the logic behind the letter:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="574"] The Peril of a "Buy American" Order[/caption]


April 07, 2020 • 11:04 am

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121 Free to Lie, but not to Opine?

Imagine a country where outside groups could be punished for offering their opinion about the effects of a government official’s actions, while the government itself could knowingly lie with impunity about whether a document even exists. We would see a political opinion punished as a lie while something that is indisputably a lie would be protected…

122 Lawless Obama Courts Defeat

On subjects ranging from Black Panthers to black gold, the Obama administration is having a very bad time in courts these days, and rightly so. Again and again the Obamites try to abuse their authority without regard to constitutional or statutory limits. Fortunately, judges shot down Obamite overreach in three important cases within days of each other…

123 Supreme Court Balance Could Pivot on 2012 Election

The United States Supreme Court just finished another term, and conservatives can again take comfort in its overall performance.  How long that remains the case, however, may depend upon the 2012 presidential election.  Among the most consequential rulings of the recent term, the Court held by a 5-4 margin in Arizona Free Enterprise Club…

124 For Obama, Foreign Law Trumps Vicious Rape

It was bad enough that President Obama last week asked the Supreme Court to apply a law that has not even been enacted. It was worse that four of the Left’s lackeys on the Supreme Court, one short of a majority, were willing to do it. Obama’s attempted intervention to stop the execution of brutal rapist-murderer Humberto Leal Garcia (henceforth…

125 Clarence Thomas, for the Parents

One reason Supreme Court watching can be a fascinating enterprise is because diametrically opposing sides of a case sometimes both can be, in a supra-legal sense, correct. One such decision occurred this week in Brown v. Entertainment Merchants, when a 7-2 majority ruled unconstitutional a California law banning the sale or rental of “violent…

126 “Operation Fast and Furious” – Obama Administration Endorses Guns for Mexican Drug Runners, But Not Lawful Americans

Professor John Lott, economic scholar and foremost authority on the deadly real-world consequences of gun “control” laws across the globe, labeled Barack Obama “undoubtedly the most anti-gun candidate ever nominated by a major party for President.”  Well, that apparently depends on who possesses the gun.  If you…

127 Obama and the New Incrementalism: Thumbing His Nose at the Law

The Obama Administration’s attitude toward the American court system is reminiscent of every schoolyard bully: Heads I win; tails you lose.  From healthcare to the environment to jobs, liberal legal elites pay lip service to the rule of law while their friends in the bureaucracy race to entrench liberal policies.  Welcome to the New…

128 Utah Congressional Candidate Morgan Philpot: Pushing Back Against Federal Restrictions on Land Use

Many politicians claim to know the difference between the U.S. Constitution and “The Communist Manifesto,” but very few take the time to judge legislation by whether it moves society closer to one or the other.  Morgan Philpot is one of the latter.  As a state legislator in Utah, Philpot earned attention by holding up a copy…

129 John Lott: More Guns, Still Less Crime

“I would ask gun control advocates one question:  name a single place in the entire world where murder rates fell after gun control laws were passed.” That is the powerful challenge from economist Dr. John Lott, Jr., who was kind enough to discuss with CFIF the third edition release of his tectonic book More Guns, Less Crime. …

130 If Liberals Ban Capital Punishment, Next They’ll Target Life Imprisonment

Capital punishment’s righteous opponents often disingenuously offer the supposed “certainty” of life imprisonment without parole as a bogus alternative to execution.  On the one hand, such activists decry the “cruelty” of execution.  On their other hand, they contradict that purported humanism by assuring us…

131 "Guns Is Not the Answer" – Shoot an Armed Home Invader, Invite the Wrath of Chicago’s Mayor?

Imagine the following terrifying home invasion scenario:  You live in Chicago’s west side Garfield Park community, a neighborhood in which armed home invasions are “all too frequent,” according to news media.  It’s still dark in the pre-dawn hour of 5:20 a.m.  Few people will be awake to hear your pleas for…

132 Sarbanes-Oxley: An Unconstitutional Monument to Governmental Incompetence

Remember when Sarbanes-Oxley was supposed to prevent future market failures?  It was July 30, 2002 – not even a decade ago.  The world was witnessing a broad and unprecedented economic downturn.  Financial panic had descended in the wake of bookkeeping scandals and excessive corporate risk.  Such companies as Enron, WorldCom…

133 Gun Rights on Trial

On September 30, the Supreme Court announced that it would hear arguments in McDonald v. City of Chicago, a case challenging Chicago’s convoluted restrictions on an individual’s right to keep and bear arms.  The decision in McDonald should once and for all determine whether the Second Amendment applies equally to citizens in all states…

134 Like President, Like Nominee: Obama and Sotomayor Render Language Increasingly Meaningless

In his brief political prime, Barack Obama has already established new lows in the art of dishonesty. While mesmerizing audiences with soothing teleprompted speeches and a hypnotic cadence, the disconnect between his words and his actions is already well-established. And now, in her first week of Senate confirmation testimony, Judge Sonia Sotomayor…

135 Redefining “Conservative” Governance

Viewing the current political environment objectively, the outlook appears dim for free-market advocates. Democrats are pushing a massive new energy bill to the House floor this week that will effectively tax all carbon output in the United States and even regulate local building codes. In addition, details were released on a new health care overhaul…

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—Noemie Emery, Washington Examiner
— Noemie Emery, Washington Examiner
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