Today the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals refused to lift an injunction prohibiting the Obama administration…
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Fifth Circuit Maintains Roadblock to Obama Immigration Amnesty

Today the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals refused to lift an injunction prohibiting the Obama administration from implementing an executive amnesty program for millions of illegal immigrants.

Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of Texas who is leading a 26 state lawsuit against President Barack Obama’s amnesty order, applauded the court for stopping “a drastic change in immigration policy” since the program bypassed congressional approval. Texas is alleging significant financial burdens on state taxpayers if the federal government is allowed to proceed.

The Obama administration is now considering whether to appeal the Fifth Circuit’s opinion to the U.S. Supreme Court, a move which could backfire and derail a policy goal long sought by immigration activists.

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May 26, 2015 • 08:25 pm
Bush to Blame For ISIS? The Facts Tell a Different Story

Bush to Blame For ISIS? The Facts Tell a Different Story

ISIS wasn't even part of popular vocabulary until several years after Bush left the White House to Obama.

Obama Administration to Schools: It’s Racist to Punish Misbehaving Kids

Obama Administration to Schools: It’s Racist to Punish Misbehaving Kids

In the real world, the Oakland policy amounts to allowing the schools’ most disruptive children to set the tone for everyone else.

 A New Format for GOP Presidential Debates

A New Format for GOP Presidential Debates

The problem with presidential debates isn’t primarily the moderator. It’s the fact that they aren’t real debates.

CFIF Memorial Day Quiz

CFIF Memorial Day Quiz

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