Black Friday is upon us, and — in keeping with tradition — so are the attendant brawls, melees,…
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Wising Up to the 'Black Friday Con'

Black Friday is upon us, and — in keeping with tradition — so are the attendant brawls, melees, assaults, thefts and general mayhem.

Nevertheless, Black Friday appears a bit more sedate this year overall. Reuters reports:

Bargain hunters found relatively little competition compared with previous years. Some had already shopped Thursday evening, reflecting a new normal of U.S. holiday shopping, where stores open up with deals on Thanksgiving itself, rather than waiting until Black Friday.

Retailers "have taken the sense of urgency out for consumers by spreading their promotions throughout the year and what we are seeing is a result of that," said Jeff Simpson, director of the retail practice at Deloitte. Traffic in stores was light on Friday, while Thursday missed his expectations…[more]

November 27, 2015 • 02:29 pm
Where Is America's 'Force Protection' from Refujihadis?

Where Is America's 'Force Protection' from Refujihadis?

While Obama officials now pay lip service to stringent 'vetting,' they unilaterally relaxed screening procedures last year to allow entry by untold asylees and refugees who confessed to providing 'limited material support' to terror groups.

Paris Attacks Reframe Arguments Over 2nd Amendment, Israel

Paris Attacks Reframe Arguments Over 2nd Amendment, Israel

The Paris attacks once again put lie to the claim by Obama and other Second Amendment opponents that our respect for the individual right to keep and bear arms has rendered us a nation uniquely prone to mass violence.

Mythologizing the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Mythologizing the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Humanitarian gestures are well and good, but not when they come at the expense of the nation’s security.

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David Adesnik, Policy Director at the Foreign Policy Initiative, discusses the Paris attacks, the price of U.S. inaction, ISIS' resiliency and the Syrian refugee crisis[more]
Is Common Core to Blame for Drop in Math Scores?

Ben Boychuk, CFIF Contributing Editor, discusses the latest National Assessment of Educational Progress (a.k.a. "the Nation's Report Card"), how the adoption of Common Core education standards may be to blame for the drop in academic scores, and the challenges ahead for John B. King, President Obama[more]
Curing the Ills of the Criminal Justice System

Joe Luppino-Esposito, Policy Analyst for Right on Crime and the Center for Effective Justice at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, discusses how criminal justice reformers with conservative principles have been a driving force behind new legislation aimed at reforming the federal and state prison systems and[more]
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Honoring the U.S. Armed Forces

This week, CFIF salutes all the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces for their bravery, honor and service to our country...[more]
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