We at CFIF strongly advocate both free trade and intellectual property (IP) protection.  Although typically…
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Pass Free Trade Legislation, But Ignore Calls to Insert "Fair Use" Provisions That Weaken American IP Protections

We at CFIF strongly advocate both free trade and intellectual property (IP) protection.  Although typically distinct policy questions, they are currently intertwined as Congress finally and fortunately moves toward passing free trade legislation.

The pending legislation rightly demands that trading partners recognize American IP rights, but that has naturally drawn fire from some of the usual suspects (e.g., Google, the Internet Association, et al.) who tend to oppose stronger IP rights because those protections tend to run contrary to their own particular business interests.  Specifically, those interests seek to include copyright limitations in free trade bills, including mandatory "Fair Use" exceptions.

That would be a bad idea.

Among other problems, those voices misstate domestic…[more]

May 29, 2015 • 11:04 am
Unsustainable Exchanges & Subsidies Exposing ObamaCare’s Weaknesses

Unsustainable Exchanges & Subsidies Exposing ObamaCare’s Weaknesses

From financially dubious exchanges to subsidies that aren’t technically legal, ObamaCare is imploding under its own shoddy draftsmanship.

 Spoliation of Evidence Standard and Hillary's "No Smoking Gun" Alibi

Spoliation of Evidence Standard and Hillary's "No Smoking Gun" Alibi

Throughout Hillary's tenure as Secretary of State, her family's foundation received enormous sums from foreign nations and organizations with controversial business before the State Department.

Political, Not Operational, Concerns Engineering Amtrak's Fate

Political, Not Operational, Concerns Engineering Amtrak's Fate

Amtrak's fundamental problem, however, is the same one that afflicts all government endeavors: Operational decisions are often made on the basis of political concerns rather than sound economic and financial reasoning.

Bernie Sanders' Foul Socialist Odor

Bernie Sanders' Foul Socialist Odor

Take it from those who suffer most under the unbridled fulfillment of "you didn't build that" and "you don't need that" radicalism: It stinks.

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— Katherine Skiba, Chicago Tribune
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