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May 13th, 2010 4:33 pm
Kagan “Interview” Doesn’t Count as Transparency, Mr. President

Demonstrating again that transparent government was a hollow campaign promise, the White House has released a video of its own “interview” with Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.  The Solicitor General sat down with White House bloggers to share some life background and general thoughts on the law peppered with White House talking points, including my favorite, that she understands how law affects “ordinary people.”

The lack of media access to this critical nominee should not come as a surprise, as Obama himself has not conducted a live solo press conference since last July.  The kicker is the way the administration seeks to manipulate media through such transparent antics as the Kagan interview.  This lack of accountability to the public has even got the folks at CBS riled up:

“This White House has taken its use of the web to a new level with this move,” said CBS News White House correspondent Peter Maer. “The ultimate unfiltered message. Kagan ‘in her own words’ without anyone else’s words.”


Doing so allows the administration to better control its message – and, in this case, avoid any uncomfortable questions for their Supreme Court nominee.

CBS should be careful.  Obama doesn’t take kindly to dissenters.

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