Joe Biden's inexorable march toward the fanatical left continued this week, as he and Bernie Sanders…
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Biden Drug Plan Would Slash Innovation and U.S. Consumer Access

Joe Biden's inexorable march toward the fanatical left continued this week, as he and Bernie Sanders (D - Vermont) introduced their "unity platform" in anticipation of this year's Democratic convention.  We can thus add weaker U.S. patents and drug price controls imported from foreign nations to Biden's existing dumpster fire of bad ideas.

Here's the problem.  As we've often emphasized, and contrary to persistent myth, American consumers enjoy far greater access to new lifesaving drugs than people in other nations, including those in "other advanced economies" (Biden's words) whose price controls Biden seeks to import:

Of all new cancer drugs developed worldwide between 2011 and 2018, 96% were available to American consumers.  Meanwhile, only 56% of those drugs became available in Canada…[more]

July 10, 2020 • 04:52 PM

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Jester's CourtroomLegal tales stranger than stranger than fiction: Ridiculous and sometimes funny lawsuits plaguing our courts.
Obama Racialism, Fired Up in Jacksonville Print
By Quin Hillyer
Wednesday, April 25 2012
Jacksonville ought to take a cue from Mayor Bloomberg and fight the administration’s suit to the max.

Corrupt Attorney General Eric Holder’s war on white people continues. In its latest installment, the Justice Department on Monday sued the city of Jacksonville, FL, to force the city to jettison the written promotion exams in its fire department. According to Holder and his leading racialist instigator, civil rights division chief Thomas Perez, black people can’t be expected to decipher written questions about firefighting, and it is therefore against the law to ask them to do so.

In today’s Justice Department, the soft bigotry of low expectations has joined with the hard bigotry of seeing whites as racists to create a toxic brew of racial tension. The Jacksonville case follows the atrocious DoJ interference in a similar case in New York City, in which Holder’s team has argued for explicit racial quotas and demanded that black applicants be accepted to the fire academy even if they miss 70 percent of simple test questions.

With the help of an out-of-control judge, the administration has so bedeviled the heroic Fire Department of New York that even the decidedly unconservative administration of Mayor Michael Bloomberg has filed an appeal accusing the judge of rank bias. To quote the Queens Chronicle, the judge’s special monitor “decided on December 27 to allow Vulcan recruiters to conduct follow-up visits with black candidates who had not properly completed their applications — four months after the filing deadline and several weeks after the FDNY had stopped making outreach phone calls to members of other groups, which critics say amounts to special treatment…. City attorneys further allege that the court excluded key evidence, ignored established principles and conducted impermissible fact-finding to conclude that the FDNY intentionally discriminates against minority candidates.”

The administration’s legal terrorism against the FDNY continues apace, as does the new suit against Jacksonville, despite repeated evidence that sensible high courts will not countenance anti-white discrimination in the pursuit of some sort of (warped) sense of cosmic justice.

For example, a New York Supreme Court justice ruled February 9 in favor of white firefighters in Buffalo when they were denied promotions through a similar scheme to ignore exam results. Even more significantly, the U.S. Supreme Court in 2009 in Ricci v. DeStefano also ruled that a city cannot throw out the results of a neutral test merely in order to achieve racial parity in hiring.

Yet that is precisely what the Obamites wish to do both in New York City and in Jacksonville: throw out test results in search of a perverted version of parity. How perverted? Consider that it isn’t just whites, Asians and Hispanics who are hurt by such flagrant transgressions against the lessons of Ricci; qualified black applicants, too, have been grievously harmed.

Indeed, even the Village Voice, a decidedly liberal outfit, did a major feature on the black would-be firefighters left in limbo, or even permanently denied the chance to be firemen, because the administration and its pet judge interfered.

"Sabir, a black man, can’t get a job because he passed a test the court believes was intended to make him fail because of his race. ...Thirty-two-year-old Dion Hines is another black member of the class who tested high but is going nowhere. He takes issue with the court’s conclusion that the entrance exam is unfair to African-Americans or anyone else. 'They blatantly say that the test is the problem. It’s not rocket science. It doesn’t require a higher degree of education,' he says. "There are hypothetical situations, and they give you information, and you have to regurgitate that information. You don’t need to already be a firefighter to understand it.'"

The left-wing paper analyzed the exam and reported: “It’s hard to see any racial discrimination in the individual questions from past exams that the Voice was able to obtain.”  But here’s the worst part: “[T]here’s another wrinkle. Sabir and Cargin, who aced the last test, have been waiting so long that they are now considered too old to take a new entrance exam. They can’t even sit for a do-over exam unless the rules are changed.”

Leftist ideologues can’t be bothered with innocent bystanders while sating their lust for ideological power grabs. Individuals aren’t important; what matters is only the theorem, along with the power to implement it. First they want to “transform America,” and then transform the world, into a very skewed version of utopia on Earth. Never mind what the Constitution, the laws or the Supreme Court say to the contrary.

Jacksonville ought to take a cue from Mayor Bloomberg and fight the administration’s suit to the max. The city is right both morally and legally, and this is a battle it can win.

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