Dear Senior Citizens: Print
By CFIF Staff
Thursday, August 13 2009
The most current polling data indicates that only 20% of seniors over 65 believe these schemes will help them (Gallup), and 56 percent oppose, 46 percent “strongly” (Rasmussen).

You are being called upon to rescue your country. Yes, again. You have done it through depression, recession, war, plague and pestilence. You did it for your country and you did it for yourselves, and you must do it yet again.

You must do it by opposing, with all your senior intellect, experience and vigor, the current government schemes to “reform” health care. You must do it because those schemes will affect you negatively, your children and grandchildren negatively, your country negatively.

You must do it because you are the only demographic voting bloc that can reduce virtually all politicians to fear and trembling. That’s simply because a greater percentage of you – upwards of 60 percent – vote than in any other constituency groups.

You must personally oppose these schemes because organizations – such as AARP – that tell you they are representing your interests to get your money have gone in the tank. Organizations – such as the AMA – that supposedly represent your doctors’ interests have gone in the tank.

The most current polling data indicates that only 20% of seniors over 65 believe these schemes will help them (Gallup), and 56 percent oppose, 46 percent “strongly” (Rasmussen).

That is with good reason. Many of you have been satisfied with Social Security and Medicare until now. But you know that both programs are already headed toward insolvency, Medicare by 2017. That’s without any tinkering at all.

But how are these current health care “reform” schemes to be paid for? Partially, and the estimates of that partial are gigantic (up to $500 billion as estimated by the Congressional Budget Office) by cuts in Medicare. President Obama says that there will be no cuts in “services.” But that is patently impossible from an economic standpoint, and any senior who believes it has one fine doctor prescribing some very, very fine medications.

In these schemes, you cannot simply look at one data point, or believe one talking point, and glean much that is intelligible. You must look at many, and put them all together, which will make your head explode, but that’s part of the deception that is being attempted. As just one example, right now, on average, doctors are paid for Medicare services at about 80 percent of the rates that private insurance companies pay the same doctors for the same services. And part of these schemes is to negotiate doctors’ Medicare rates even further downward.

Have you or a family member or friend been to a doctor who refuses to accept Medicare simply because he or she cannot afford to? Well just wait, because those numbers are going to grow. No “rationing?” Well, what exactly is it called when there are not enough providers (supply) to meet the needs (demand) of Medicare patients?

Unlike others who are attempting to influence you in this national debate, we don’t ask or insist that you believe us. Please don’t. Read, watch, listen, learn. But do it quickly. And then act to end these deceptive schemes, if you do agree with us. You have the power; use your political influence...once again for your own good as well that of your country.