As Dennis Prager neatly illustrates, is now really the time for Joe Biden and other leftists to be advocating…
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Image of the Day: Defund Police, While Crime Spikes Upward?

As Dennis Prager neatly illustrates, is now really the time for Joe Biden and other leftists to be advocating "Defund the Police?"


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="664"] Not the Time to Defund Police[/caption]



July 31, 2020 • 02:19 PM

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Week of November 25th 2009
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George Washington
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Which one of the following was the first U.S. woman to fly in space?
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"The truth is that, except on the air and online, the presidential campaign really hasn't started yet. The coronavirus has upended traditional forms of electioneering. It's forced Trump to cancel his tentpole rallies, driven both parties to hold virtual conventions, and blotted out the daily back-and-forth between candidates and campaigns. That has left the race in a form of suspended animation, with…[more]
—Matthew Continetti, Washington Free Beacon
— Matthew Continetti, Washington Free Beacon
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Do you believe there will be debates between Biden and Trump, or will Biden back out, as some Democrats are urging?