Restaurant Sued for Serving Hot Food Hot Print
Thursday, June 20 2013

A Michigan woman is suing a restaurant claiming her hot corned beef hash was too hot.

Allysen Kauppinen recently filed a lawsuit in Washtenaw County, Michigan, seeking more than $25,000 in damages from Luca's Coney Island restaurant on grounds that the hot corned beef hash she was served burned her mouth. Kauppinen claims she was forced to seek medical attention and avoid solid food for a month, all of which caused her "great emotional upset, embarrassment and pain," according to the lawsuit.

“The hash apparently had been heated in a microwave oven and was considerably hotter than (she) was expecting,” the suit states. “…She sustained serious burns to the skin in her mouth and on her palate.”

Luca’s owner, Mike Nuculaj, countered that his corned beef hash is not microwaved and is cooked on the restaurant’s grill.

“It’s ridiculous. Corned beef hash has to come hot. Hot food is served hot, cold is served cold,” he said.  “I’m sorry the lady never came to see me. (Now) it’s for the courts. I’m shocked and I’m surprised.”