Full Court Press Against LeBron James by Washington D.C. Lawyer Print
Tuesday, July 27 2010

A Washington, D.C. lawyer has filed suit in federal court challenging the results of a paternity test that he claims should have proven him to be the father of basketball superstar LeBron James.
In a complaint filed last month, Leicester Bryce Stovell claims that the results of the test were falsified by James and his mother, Gloria, and that the Jameses committed fraud and misrepresentation in an effort to conceal the identity of James’ father.  Stovell further alleges that his character was defamed by James’ comment, “I want to be a better father than mine was.”
In the complaint, Stovell claims he met Gloria at a Washington, D.C. bar and that they had sex once.  Gloria was 15 at the time; Stovell was 29. Stovell further contends that months later she told him she was pregnant with a boy she planned to name LeBron.
Stovell, a former lawyer for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission who now has his own practice, filed the complaint pro se.  He is seeking millions in damages.
According to news reports, Stovell said, “I think it’s possible to persuade a group of reasonable people that my position is completely appropriate under the circumstances.” He said he expects to request a new paternity test as part of discovery.
—Source:  Legal Times