Underage Drinker Sues Bar for Her Injury Print
Wednesday, March 23 2011

A Staten Island, New York bar is being sued by a young woman who tripped over a "defective sidewalk" after a heavy night of underage drinking.
Ryan O'Leary is suing KJ's Ale House for not maintaining the sidewalk and for getting her drunk when she wasn't of legal age.  O'Leary was only 20 years old at the time of the accident.  According to news reports, the court documents indicate that O'Leary was in "an impaired or intoxicated condition" when she left the bar, and the lawsuit alleges that the bar staff had "knowledge or reasonable cause" to believe she was under 21. 
O'Leary seeks unspecified monetary damages in the action.  Her mother also seeks unspecified compensation for her daughter's medical bills and loss of her services. Court papers don't specify O'Leary's injuries.

—Source:  Gothamist.com and SILive.com (Staten Island, NY)