Internet Freedom Jeopardized by Proposal Calling for Unnecessary and Burdensome Regulations Print
Wednesday, February 13 2008
February 13, 2008
ALEXANDRIA, VA — The Center for Individual Freedom (CFIF), a leading constitutional and free market public policy organization, today voiced its opposition to the recently released "Net Neutrality" bill sponsored by Representatives Ed Markey and Chip Pickering.  Rep. Markey introduced similar legislation in 2006 that was overwhelmingly defeated by a bipartisan majority.
"If enacted, the dubiously-titled 'Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2008' would undo many of the framework policies that have fostered growth and innovation in telecommunications services in recent years," said CFIF President Jeffery Mazzella.  "This legislation won't preserve Internet freedom.  Rather, it will cripple a free and open market that continues to encourage unprecedented innovation and benefits consumers."
"This legislation, like Rep. Markey's previous attempts, is nothing more than the heavy hand of government dictating the terms of service for the Internet," Mazzella continued.  "At a time when broadband and Internet usage are rising and prices are falling, it's absurd that politicians in Washington want to over-regulate a market that is working for consumers."
CFIF urges Congress to focus its efforts on promoting broadband policies that will encourage network investment rather than deter it.
Founded in 1998, the Center for Individual Freedom ( is a constitutional and free market advocacy organization with more than 250,000 supporters and activist nationwide.  CFIF opposes over-burdensome state and federal regulations and taxing regimes that impede the evolution of the Internet and e-commerce.