CFIF's Imperfect Union Initiative Launches Radio Ad Exposing UFCW Local 7’s Authoritarian Crackdown on Its Own Hard-Working Members Print
Monday, May 02 2022

Fairfax, VA -- The Center for Individual Freedom (“CFIF”) today announced the launch of a radio ad campaign across the Denver, Colarado metro area exposing the truth about United Food and Commercial Workers (“UFCW”) Local 7 president Kim Cordova’s authoritarian crackdown on her own members.

Undertaken by CFIF’s Imperfect Union initiative, the ad aims to bring awareness to Cordova’s intimidation campaign of fines and payroll deductions against her members who continued to work during January’s King Soopers strike.

Last week, Imperfect Union highlighted Cordova’s authoritarian crackdown on Local 7 members, a retaliatory targeting of members who chose to work and support their families. Specifically, Cordova and her UFCW cronies began issuing hefty fines and attempting to confiscate earned wages from hardworking members.

Imperfect Union’s radio ad discusses the massive fines Cordova is imposing upon her members, along with her demands for them to give UFCW Local 7 all of the wages they earned during the strike.  Cordova issued those vindictive fines while she continued to earn a generous $200k+ annual salary and UFCW Local 7 had over $14 million in the bank.

Coloradoans deserve to know how Cordova’s vindictive behavior is hurting her own union members, making it harder for them to put food on their tables and provide for their families.

Click here to listen to the radio ad and visit to learn more.