CFIF Launches TV Issue Ads in 10 Congressional Districts Urging End to Reckless Spending, National Debt Increases and Job-Killing Agenda Print
Tuesday, October 19 2010

The Center for Individual Freedom (“CFIF”) has launched a series of television issue ads in 10 Congressional districts to point out the excessive spending, increased national debt and job-killing agenda enacted by a runaway Congress.

Click on the thumb nails or titles below to view the ads.

CA-20: CFIF "Costa Debt"


FL-02: CFIF "Boyd Debt"


GA-08: CFIF "Marshall Jobs"


KY-06: CFIF "Chandler Jobs"


MS-01: CFIF "Childers Debt"

NJ-03: CFIF "Adler Debt"


NY-24: CFIF "Arcuri Debt"


NC-11: CFIF "Shuler Jobs"


NC-08: CFIF "Kissell Debt"


PA-11: CFIF " Kanjorski Debt"