Leading National Organizations Urge Speaker Boehner to Preserve Amendment Defunding DOE’s “Gainful Employment” Regulation Print
Monday, March 21 2011

Last month, a bipartisan majority in the House of Representatives passed an amendment to H.R. 1 that stated that no funds may be used to “implement, administer or enforce” the U.S. Department of Education’s proposed Gainful Employment rule, nor may the Department “promulgate or enforce any new regulation or rule” that would have the same effect as the Gainful Employment rule.

In a letter organized by the Center for Individual Freedom (“CFIF”) and sent to Rep. John Boehner last week, nine leading national organizations representing millions of taxpayers respectfully urged the Speaker to instruct House conferees – after the Senate has taken action on H.R. 1 and a conference is scheduled – to not allow that amendment to be used as “trade bait” for something Senate conferees seek to add to or eliminate from H.R. 1.

“From allegations of insider trading to defective Government Accountability Office reports, everything surrounding the Education Department’s handling of this issue has been appalling,” the groups noted in the letter. “This entire Obama Administration assault represents the worst in bureaucratic regulatory overreach, and the proposed rule would eliminate competition in the higher education arena where it is critically needed.”

In addition to CFIF, other organizations on the letter included: Americans for Tax Reform, Business Coalition for Fair Competition, Citizens Against Government Waste, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Hispanic Leadership Fund, Institute for Liberty, Log Cabin Republicans and Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council.

To read the letter as it was sent it Speaker John Boehner, click here (PDF).