In our recent Liberty Update, CFIF sounded the alarm on Gigi Sohn, Joe Biden's dangerously extremist…
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Former U.S. Attorney General Agrees: "Hyperpartisan Gigi Sohn Doesn't Belong at the FCC"

In our recent Liberty Update, CFIF sounded the alarm on Gigi Sohn, Joe Biden's dangerously extremist nominee to the Federal Commission (FCC), noting that, "Ms. Sohn is simply too radical to be confirmed to the FCC at a time when Americans rely more than ever on a thriving internet service sector, and the Biden Administration has only itself to blame for its delay in nominating her."

In today's Wall Street Journal, former acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker brilliantly echoes the growing consensus that Ms. Sohn is simply too radical in a commentary entitled "Hyperpartisan Gigi Sohn Doesn't Belong on the FCC":

In addition to her hyperpartisan social-media presence, Ms. Sohn has dubbed Fox News 'state-sponsored propaganda' and has urged the FCC to look into whether Sinclair…[more]

December 01, 2021 • 11:55 AM

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31 New Obama Administration Rule Greases Union Wheels, But Runs Over Taxpayers

Barack Obama promised to bring an end to old-style crony politics during his “post-partisan” 2008 presidential campaign.  This week, he again betrayed the fatuousness of his self-professed political raison d'etre by issuing a rule transparently rewarding his Big Labor campaign benefactors.  But don’t worry, America. …

32 Working for The Man: Federal Employment Spike Exacerbates Dependency on the State

If you’re an experienced worker looking for employment during the recession and in need of some schadenfreude, feast your eyes on this recent headline: "Job market worsens for recent college graduates."  The L.A. Times article profiles a recent UCLA graduate’s failure to land a job after nearly a year of applying to 600 positions…

33 Waxmanism, the New McCarthyism

Since over-the-top name calling is the new sine qua non (see Boethius) of public policy debate, from the President on down to the congressional backbench second through ninth circles of hell (see Dante), let’s just get real deep in the big muddy with the rest of them. That civil discourse stuff, which we once supported, is for varsity…

34 Big Labor Resorts to “Land Shark” Impression on Card-Check Legislation

Purported EFCA “Compromise” Retains Job-Killing Mandatory Arbitration and Snap Election Provisions News out of Washington, D.C. this summer hasn’t been wholly bad. In recent weeks, Democrat Senators effectively killed union card-check legislation because its provisions eliminating secret ballot voting during union elections proved…

35 Big Labor and Government Motors

Less than a month after Vice President Joe Biden told labor union leaders that he believed that the best way to build the middle class is to help their unions grow, General Motors filed for bankruptcy protection and few in the auto industry seem willing to discuss the role that unions played in its demise. With the United Auto Workers’ benefit…

36 A Tale of Two Arbitrations: Big Labor Commences One Ambush While Trial Lawyers Prepare Another

Arbitration is ordinarily a very good thing.  But it can sometimes be a very bad thing.  Distinguishing the two will become very critical, very soon.  Why?  Because Big Labor and trial lawyers are preparing a two-pronged arbitration assault before Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi exhaust what remains of their political…

37 Card Check: Is Now Really the Time to Jeopardize Even More Jobs?

This week, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama thrust their cynical “Never Waste a Good Crisis” agenda into full speed. After already capitalizing on the economic downturn as an excuse to propose everything from socialized medicine to contraception subsidies to global warming taxes, they finally introduced their hyper-partisan crown…

38 Keeping an Eye on "Card Check" Legislation

“It is still on the stove but I would characterize it as being on the back-burner. The last thing our country needs is legislation that would further hurt the economy. Perhaps that explains why Congress has not moved forward as quickly as it did last year with the controversial Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), commonly referred to as &ldquo…

39 Got Money To Burn Right Now? Big Labor Apparently Does

During this difficult economic period, is pouring tens of millions into political lobbying the best way for union leaders to be spending members’ hard-earned dues?  Across the country and entire world, businesses and workers alike are struggling.  Indeed, among those hit hardest are middle- and lower-income workers, the very people…

40 Shocking News – Big Labor Implicated In Blagojevich Arrest

“Charlotte Cronin, Executive Director of Family Support Network of Illinois, a Peoria-based advocacy group for the developmentally disabled, confirmed that union organizers knocked on doors this past summer, and that some relatives of the disabled found them ‘overly persistent.’  She said the union, which she believed to be the…

41 Big Labor’s Assault on the Secret Ballot

With Barack Obama preparing to assume the Oval Office and with Democrat gains in the House and Senate, big labor unions are busily putting together a laundry list of ambitious legislative items they would like to see enacted early next year.  On the top of their list is the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), commonly referred to as card-check legislation…

42 When Big Labor Wins, American Workers and Students Lose

Why is it that overly-unionized state economies like Michigan's stagger, whereas states like Florida that are freer from Big Labor's stifling hand flourish?  Why do heavily-unionized companies like the Big Three automakers decay, while less-stifled companies prosper?  Similarly, why do students who are free to leave failing schools succeed…

43 Congress Becomes Big Labor's Obedient Subsidiary

Why Not Unionize the Military While We're at It? A funny thing happened on the road to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's utopian end to the "culture of corruption."  Namely, the 110th Congress quickly became a mere appendage of Big Labor, Inc.  After acquiring majority status by portraying themselves as centrists untainted by…

44 Big Labor's Latest Target: The Secret Ballot

With Democrats assuming control of Congress this week, Big Labor is targeting one of America's most basic institutions – the secret ballot.  Union-proposed "card-check" legislation would eliminate secret balloting during representation elections, and thereby eradicate workers' fundamental right to vote without fear of intimidation…

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"If you're still wondering why raising the cap on the State and Local Tax (SALT) deduction was important enough to Democrats to sacrifice their stated principles and resort to brazen gimmicks in order to fit it into the reconciliation bill, look no further than the latest release of the IRS's tax migration data, covering tax years 2018-2019.The data shows that certain states continue to alienate their…[more]
—Andrew Wilford, Policy Analyst at National Taxpayers Union Foundation
— Andrew Wilford, Policy Analyst at National Taxpayers Union Foundation
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