On the heels of Friday's unsettling jobs report from the Labor Department, we can now judge the performance…
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Image of the Day: Biden, Pelosi and Schumer Faceplanted On Jobs in 2021

On the heels of Friday's unsettling jobs report from the Labor Department, we can now judge the performance and promises of Joe Biden and the Pelosi/Schumer Congress against actual reality.  They promised 10.3 million jobs would be created in 2021 if their massive spending and regulation blowout passed, versus 6.3 million jobs if their agenda wasn't passed.  So how did it turn out?  Their agenda was passed, but only 6.1 million jobs were created as the U.S. economy slowed and struggled to recover from the Covid dip, as AEI's Matt Weidinger highlights.  They apparently made things worse, not better, illustrating the sardonic adage, "Don't just do something - stand there."


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="905"] BIden Jobs Performance: Worse Than Doing Nothing[/caption]…[more]

January 10, 2022 • 10:13 AM

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—Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon
— Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon
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