Our latest Liberty Update highlights the danger of an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that's about to…
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Image of the Day: IRS Collected Record Taxes Through July

Our latest Liberty Update highlights the danger of an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that's about to enjoy a doubling of funding and personnel via the abominable Manchin-Schumer "compromise" tax-and-spend-and-regulate bill.  Apologists for the bill rationalize that a turbocharged IRS is necessary to collect more taxes from the American people (and we highlight in our piece how Americans earning under $200,000, not the "rich," will be the primary targets).  The U.S. Treasury Department, however, just reported that the federal government just collected a record amount of taxes so far this fiscal year.  The obvious problem isn't insufficient funding of the federal government, but rather excessive spending:


August 12, 2022 • 11:54 AM

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Breeds or Bunker Hill
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In what year did the Internal Revenue Service originate?
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"The FBI made Dr. Martin Luther King their No. 1 political target during the civil rights era. At one point the agency even threatened to expose what they said was evidence of King's marital infidelities, and suggested the only way out was suicide.The American Civil Liberties Union deplored the FBI's surveillance and raids against civil rights leaders, feminists, and leftists in the 1950s and 1960s…[more]
—Betsy McCaughey, Former Lieutenant Governor of New York
— Betsy McCaughey, Former Lieutenant Governor of New York
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