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BREAKING: Senate just voted to move forward with a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill…
National ReviewNRO
Mitch McConnell, Kill the (Nonexistent) Bill | Opinion by @philipaklein
Philip Kleinphilipaklein
Newt Gingrichnewtgingrich
More on quantitative easing's impact on the economy from a friend. Bottom line: It is better to leave risk capital……
between the texas special election result and a third of the senate caucus ignoring his demand to kill the bill, no……
Obviously you didn’t listen to the podcast, where I was highly critical of the CDC guidance
National ReviewNRO
No, Mr. President, We Can’t ‘Save the Unvaccinated From Themselves’ | Opinion by @jimgeraghty
CFIF nat'l survey: Voters across parties agree that the fed gov't should play a limited role in U.S. drug pricing s……
Grover NorquistGroverNorquist
RT @kerpen: COVID and All-Cause Deaths By Single Year of Age
Bret BaierBretBaier
RT @continetti: Satellite imagery appeared to show China constructing a new network of silos for launching nuclear missiles, the second suc…
Make no mistake, votes in support of S. 1435 and the other pieces of legislation under consideration are votes to e……
Is the CDC's new mask guidance based on a study involving an unapproved vaccine?…
does aoc think cory booker and tim scott were barred from the meetings or something
Katie PavlichKatiePavlich
"I’ll repeat that I got COVID, recovered from it, and still got the vaccine when it became available. They’re safe.……
Sally Pipessallypipes
From my colleague Kerry Jackson in @TimesofSanDiego: "California lawmakers and various activists are determined to……