File under "You Can't Make This Stuff Up." Somehow, it actually seems like a farcical April Fools…
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April Fools' Day Four Days Late? Google Objects to OpenAI Using YouTube to Train Its Own Generator

File under "You Can't Make This Stuff Up."

Somehow, it actually seems like a farcical April Fools' Day headline, in fact.  Google, with its deep history of scraping and scanning other sources' substantive content for its own uses, now objects to OpenAI using YouTube content to train its text-to-video generator:

The use of YouTube videos to train OpenAI’s text-to-video generator would be an infraction of the platform's terms of service, YouTube Chief Executive Officer Neal Mohan said."

Optimists might hope that Google is finally recognizing and preparing to correct its wayward course, while realists and cynics will roll their eyes at what they'll label naivete.  As the old adage goes, however, "every saint has a past, every sinner has a future," so we'll maintain hope.…[more]

April 05, 2024 • 05:09 PM

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CFIF Releases New Data Showing Tennessee GOP Voters Support Repealing State’s Certificate of Need (CON) Laws Print
By CFIF Staff
Monday, January 29 2024

Repeal of Tennessee’s Remaining CON Laws Will Increase Access to Affordable, High-Quality Care and Increase Patient Choice 

NASHVILLE, TN – The Center for Individual Freedom (CFIF) today released compelling public opinion research showing that Tennessee GOP voters oppose government red tape obstructing access to health care and overwhelmingly support repealing the state’s remaining Certificate of Need (CON) laws.

The statewide survey was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, a leading national political and public affairs survey research firm. Key findings include:

  • More than half (56 percent) of Tennessee Republican voters believe access to medical care where they live is a problem.

  • Nearly three-quarters (74 percent) of Tennessee Republicans believe there needs to be less government regulation in healthcare.

  • After hearing statements supporting and opposing CON laws, nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of the state’s GOP voters support repeal.

“CON laws continue to limit access to affordable, high-quality care and restrict patient choice in the Volunteer State,” said CFIF President Jeff Mazzella. “The red tape and bureaucracy inherent within the CON approval process slows down the already lengthy process of building hospitals and other healthcare infrastructure, contributing to long wait times being endured by Tennessee patients. That is only going to worsen as the state’s population continues to grow. It’s no surprise that Tennessee voters overwhelmingly support repealing the state’s remaining CON laws the more they learn about them.  

"If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s that government’s role in healthcare should be limited. Patients and the market should dictate when and where new hospitals and other health care facilities are built and new services offered, not an unelected government board unaccountable to the people.” Mazzella continued. 

“The bottom line is that Tennesseans from Memphis to Mountain City support repeal of Tennessee’s remaining CON laws to ensure increased access to affordable, high-quality care. CFIF stands with the overwhelming majority of Tennessee voters who believe there needs to be less government regulation in healthcare, and we urge the General Assembly to take action on this important issue during the current session,” concluded Mazzella.   

Read the full Public Opinion Strategies survey memo HERE

Read CFIF’s one-page overview of the survey results HERE

Public Opinion Strategies, a leading national political and public affairs survey research firm, conducted the Tennessee statewide survey of n=600 GOP primary voters. The survey has a margin of error of +/- 4.0% in 95 out of 100 cases. Interviews were conducted November 12-15, 2023.

Founded in 1998, the Center for Individual Freedom is a non-profit, constitutional and free-market advocacy organization with more than 300,000 activists and supporters across the nation, including thousands in Tennessee.


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"Progressives are using legal loopholes and the power of the federal government to maximize Democrat votes in the 2024 election at taxpayers' expense, RealClearInvestigations has found.The methods include voter registration and mobilization campaigns by ostensibly nonpartisan charities that target Democrats using demographic data as proxies, and the Biden administration's unprecedented demand that…[more]
— Ben Weingarten, Real Clear Investigations
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