In their increasingly desperate effort to resuscitate Joe Biden's sagging campaign, his defenders claim…
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Image of the Day: Biden Stock Market Boom? Well...

In their increasingly desperate effort to resuscitate Joe Biden's sagging campaign, his defenders claim that stock markets vindicate "Bidenomics" (not that they call it that anymore, of course) vis-a-vis former President Donald Trump.  Well, our friends at the Committee to Unleash Prosperity show what happens when you adjust stock performance to account for out-of-control inflation under Biden:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="584"] "Biden Boom?" Not So Much.[/caption]


July 18, 2024 • 11:02 AM
Republicans Have the Wind at Their Backs

Republicans Have the Wind at Their Backs

The Pew poll shows the Democratic Party's taken-for-granted voters, including Gen Z and minorities, are realizing identity politics is a ruse.

Donald Trump and the J.D. Vance Calculation

Donald Trump and the J.D. Vance Calculation

It's safe to say that as a vice presidential candidate, Vance will be a forceful advocate for Trump, a strong defender of Trump in the media and a smart adviser.

Why Would Any Legit Dem Presidential Prospect Jump Into This Mess?

Why Would Any Legit Dem Presidential Prospect Jump Into This Mess?

With the ejection of Hamas apologist Jamaal Bowman from Congress and hopefully Cori Bush – the dynamics might change in 2028.

Biden and Harris Said “Don’t.” Iran and Its Proxies Did Anyway

Biden and Harris Said “Don’t.” Iran and Its Proxies Did Anyway

Whether Biden’s self-aggrandizement reflects an attempt to cover an inferiority complex or he truly believes them to be true remains an interesting psychological question.

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SCOTUS October 2023 Term In Review

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Competing Narratives: Should President Biden Step Aside?

William J. Conti, an attorney from Washington, DC, discusses what would happen if President Biden stepped aside in the 2024 election, whether there is enough time for a new candidate to make a solid run, how the issue of President Biden's health has fractured the Democratic Party, and whether the 25th Amendment[more]
Government Should Not Be Picking Winners and Losers in Healthcare

Lauren Stewart, Senior Federal Legislative Liaison at Americans for Prosperity and Concerned Veterans for America, discusses how President Biden is attempting to rewrite his record on healthcare, how his policies have resulted in limited access and increased costs for Americans, and how a personal option healthcare[more]
Government Price Controls for Prescription Drugs Are Bad Medicine for Americans

Sally Pipes, President and CEO of Pacific Research Institute, discusses how President Biden's price controls will result in prescription drug shortages and discourage innovation, how government mandates and regulations raise insurance costs, and the grim prognosis on Medicare and Medicaid's viability[more]
The Truth About President Biden's Economy

Timothy Lee, CFIF’s Senior Vice President of Legal and Public Affairs, discusses the current state of the U.S. economy and recent survey data on how Americans are doing financially under the Biden administration, and brings truth to some false statements being peddled by the media on issues related to the economy[more]
Current Wars, International Conflicts and Diplomacy

Francis Rooney, former U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See and former Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, discusses the Russia-Ukraine war, Russian President Putin's goal to restore the Iron Curtain, what the death of the leader of Iran may mean for the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, and[more]
The Negative Impact of FTC's Ban of Employer Non-Compete Agreements

Karen Kerrigan, President and CEO of the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council, discusses the Federal Trade Commission's recent ban on the use of non-compete agreements, the slippery slope of such regulatory overreach, lawsuits challenging the rule, and the recent report issued by the U.S. House Committee[more]
Real World Implications of the Biden Administration's Electric Vehicle Mandate

Phil Kerpen, President and Founder of American Commitment, discusses the Biden administration's electric vehicle mandate, what it may mean for Americans looking to purchase gas powered vehicles in the future, and what EV subsidies have really cost us[more]
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"J.D. Vance touted his working-class roots and promised to fight on behalf of America's 'forgotten communities' in his first public address since being selected as former president Donald Trump's running mate. The U.S. senator from Ohio capped off day three of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, where the enthusiasm and lack of disorder stand in stark contrast to the Democratic Party'…[more]
— Andrew Stiles, Washington Free Beacon
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Should Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle be fired for the agency's unconscionable failures regarding the assassination attempt on President Trump?