Although the year 2020 was a trying one in so many ways, one bright spot that we at CFIF repeatedly…
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Image of the Day: Medical / Pharmaceutical / Healthcare Sector Approval Skyrockets

Although the year 2020 was a trying one in so many ways, one bright spot that we at CFIF repeatedly highlighted is the wondrous way in which America's pharmaceutical sector came to the rescue, achieving in one year what typically takes a decade or more:  devising and perfecting not one, but multiple lifesaving vaccines.  It's therefore no surprise, but welcome nonetheless, that Americans' approval of our healthcare sector and its workers skyrocketed.  Their remarkable achievements have not gone unnoticed:

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="625"] Medical Sector Approval Skyrocketed[/caption]


January 04, 2021 • 11:09 AM
So-Called “Net Neutrality” Threatens a Zombie-Like Return

So-Called “Net Neutrality” Threatens a Zombie-Like Return

In other words, “Net Neutrality” meant federal regulators intervening in internet service by reclassifying it as a “public utility” in order to pick market winners and losers. That’s anything but “neutral.”

Cheer Up: Liberal Majorities Rarely Last Long

Cheer Up: Liberal Majorities Rarely Last Long

The Senate will be split 50-50, meaning that Vice President Kamala Harris will be so busy breaking tie votes that the American public will be spared her ear-splitting cackle in fawning media interviews.

Is the Wisdom of Homer Immune to Cancel Culture?

Is the Wisdom of Homer Immune to Cancel Culture?

Our current cultural crisis is not from reading too much, but from not reading much of anything at all.

End the Deadly Vaccine Delays

End the Deadly Vaccine Delays

Amid death and destruction, perhaps one day historians will conclude that what could not kill off America in 2020 only made it stronger.

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COVID's Impact on Jobs and a Look Ahead at Labor Policy Under the Biden Administration

Sean Higgins, Research Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, discusses how lockdowns and restrictions remain a big impediment for leisure and hospitality jobs, what to expect from Marty Walsh, President-elect Biden's choice for Secretary of Labor, and a recent ruling from the Department of Labor[more]
What the Polls Say About Politics, Politicians and Priorities

Karlyn Bowman, Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, discusses politics as a career and what the polls say on the issue, how the ability to stay honest in politics plays out in the polls, and what the polls tell us about the policy impacts of the president election[more]
Celebrating the Holidays with America’s First Ladies

Andrew Och, The First Ladies Man and author of "Unusual for Their Time: On the Road with America’s First Ladies, Volumes 1 & 2," discusses America’s First Ladies, their leadership and contributions, and White House holiday traditions, parties and decorations[more]
Junk Science and EPA Regulations Add to Medical Supply Shortages

Angela Logomasini, Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, discusses a new CEI paper calling on the EPA to revise its faulty assessment of a key medical supply sterilant that resulted in an unnecessary health scare, disrupting medical supply distribution, and how consumers pay the price for mass[more]
COVID-19 and Education Reforms

Jude Schwalbach, Research Associate and Project Coordinator at the Center for Education Policy at The Heritage Foundation, discusses necessary steps that should be taken to restore educational autonomy to the states, school districts and parents, reforms that have come with COVID-19, and his recent Backgrounder[more]
Post-Election Scorecard and the Politics of a Pandemic

William J. Conti, a partner in the Washington, D.C., office of Baker & Hostetler, discusses the pandemic politics, what the Biden Administration might look like, and a post-election scorecard of the candidates beyond just the races — who helped themselves and who hurt themselves[more]
The Impact of COVID-19 Restrictions on Jobless Rates

Rachel Greszler, Research Fellow in Economics, Budget and Entitlements at The Heritage Foundation, discusses how states that have given individuals, businesses and schools the freedom to return to most activities with proper safety precautions in place are faring relatively well and how some states are lagging[more]
Harmful Impact of Price Controls for Seniors

Phil Kerpen, President of American Commitment, discusses Commitment to Seniors, his organization's new project to shed light on public policies that harm seniors, how imposing foreign price controls on medicines will have devastating impacts on seniors and innovation, and the regulatory fights that may lie[more]
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"Joe Manchin, the most conservative Democrat in a split Senate, is signaling that he'll be a check on liberal climate change policies such as a mandate for carbon-free electricity.'You cannot eliminate your way to a cleaner environment. You can innovate your way. That is the difference in some people's aspirational goals,' Manchin told the Washington Examiner in an interview.Manchin, who represents…[more]
—Josh Siegel, Washington Examiner Energy and Environment Reporter
— Josh Siegel, Washington Examiner Energy and Environment Reporter
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