In our latest Liberty Update we explain how Texas highlights the peril of the stubborn "green" energy…
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Image of the Day: "Green" Energy Hogs Taxpayer Subsidies

In our latest Liberty Update we explain how Texas highlights the peril of the stubborn "green" energy agenda.  Economist Stephen Moore continues his fantastic work by illustrating how "green" energy, not fossil fuels, irrationally hogs taxpayer subsidies:

[N]ow the left is recirculating its myth that fossil fuels require massive taxpayer subsidies. In psychology, this is called "projecting" - when you accuse someone else of deviant behavior that applies to yourself. In reality for every kilowatt of power generated, wind gets about 10 times more taxpayer subsidies and solar gets 50 to 100 times more handouts than fossil fuels":


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="545"] "Green" Taxpayer Subsidy Hogs[/caption]…[more]

March 01, 2021 • 10:27 AM
It's Not a COVID Relief Bill. It's Christmas for Democrats.

It's Not a COVID Relief Bill. It's Christmas for Democrats.

The majority of the bill has nothing to do with coronavirus.

Texas Highlights Peril of "Green Energy" Agenda

Texas Highlights Peril of "Green Energy" Agenda

What Texas and the rest of America really need, they insist, is more by way of renewable energy mandates and utility market distortions.

We Have Lost an American Genius

We Have Lost an American Genius

Limbaugh's was a quintessential American success story. It is impossible to imagine any other country producing either him or his career.

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—Kevin D. Williamson, National Review Roving Correspondent
— Kevin D. Williamson, National Review Roving Correspondent
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