Joe Biden tells Americans that he's helping them by building "from the bottom up and the middle out." …
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Image of the Day: Americans' Shrinking Earnings Under Joe Biden

Joe Biden tells Americans that he's helping them by building "from the bottom up and the middle out."  But the numbers don't lie, and the ugly reality is that he's only dragging us all toward the bottom.  Throughout his presidency, wage gains (green) have been consistently exceeded by inflation (blue), meaning loss in real earnings (red):

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="455"] Bidenomics Means Lost Earnings[/caption]…[more]

May 19, 2024 • 11:05 PM
Biden Is the Cause of Global Chaos, not a Victim of It

Biden Is the Cause of Global Chaos, not a Victim of It

Biden and his insulated apologists may not connect those dots, but American voters have, and seem increasingly unwilling to tolerate more.

Biden 2.0 – Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Biden 2.0 – Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Could American businesses and families survive getting smashed by these gale-force winds of another Bidenomics hurricane in 2025 without capsizing the ship of state?

Shafik and Other College Presidents Have Mission Confusion

Shafik and Other College Presidents Have Mission Confusion

Donors, parents and taxpayers, use your clout to put the "higher" back in higher education.

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Iran Policy and Conflict in the Middle East

Tzvi Kahn, Research Fellow and Senior Editor at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, discusses the increasingly dangerous likelihood of full-blown conflict between Israel and Iran, how the election season may be affecting policy, and why the Biden Administration must take seriously Iran's warnings that[more]
These Aren't Just Student Protests

Jonathan Butcher, the Will Skillman Senior Research Fellow in Education Policy at The Heritage Foundation, discusses the fallout from college student "encampments," the impact of the protest on college enrollment, contributions and employment opportunities, and what the protests mean for this summer&#[more]
Election 2024: Breaking Down Some of the High Stakes Races

William J. Conti, an Attorney from Washington, DC, discusses some of the U.S. Senate races to watch this year, the impact voter turnout for the presidential race may have on the Congressional races, and what Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s presidential run might mean for the other candidates[more]
Beware Biden Administration Plan to Expand Government Control Over the Internet

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Brendan Carr discusses the FCC's upcoming vote on a rule that will subject the internet to crippling, utility-style regulatory powers under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934, the myths and facts surrounding "net neutrality," and how this[more]
Setting the Record Straight: Nippon Steel's Proposed Acquisition of U.S. Steel

Ike Brannon, Economist, President of Capital Policy Analytics and a Senior Fellow at the Jack Kemp Foundation, discusses the proposed acquisition of U.S. Steel by Nippon Steel, why the merger would not undermine national security as some opponents claim, how it will keep jobs in the U.S., and what history should[more]
Increased Government Control of the Internet is Still a Terrible Idea

Timothy Lee, CFIF's Senior Vice President of Legal and Public Affairs, discusses the FCC's plan to reinstate crippling utility-style Title II regulations on the Internet, and how further expansion of government power over the Internet could result in less innovation, censorship, and higher costs for consumers[more]
Regulatory Overreach Threatens American Innovation

Doug Kelly, CEO of American Edge Project ("AEP"), discusses AEP's recently released study, "American Innovation Under Siege: Venture Capital Data Reveals Risks from Rising Global Regulatory Overreach," how heavy-handed regulations negatively impact innovation, jobs and U.S. military readiness[more]
The President's SOTU Crime Statistics: Is He Really Saying America Is Safer?

Dr. Currie Myers, Former Sheriff and Law Enforcement Officer and now Professor at Benedictine College, discusses the inaccurate and misleading crime statistics from President Biden's recent State of the Union Address, the role that crime and the fear of crime will play in the upcoming presidential election[more]
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"Last week, the left and their paramours in the propaganda press paused momentarily from their near-continuous assault on Justice Clarence Thomas to set their sights on a new target: Justice Samuel Alito.Justice Alito, headlines barked, must recuse from the pending Supreme Court cases involving Jan. 6 defendants and Trump's appeal concerning presidential immunity because a 'Stop the Steal' symbol…[more]
— Margot Cleveland, Senior Legal Correspondent at The Federalist
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