Senator Martha McSally (R - Arizona) has broadly proven herself a stalwart ally of conservatives, libertarians…
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Sen. McSally Must Avoid the Trap of Counterproductive Prescription Drug Legislation

Senator Martha McSally (R - Arizona) has broadly proven herself a stalwart ally of conservatives, libertarians and the Trump Administration in her brief tenure on Capitol Hill.  A former U.S. Air Force A-10 pilot, her votes have confirmed President Trump's phenomenal array of judicial nominees and advanced his economic agenda to bring us arguably the greatest economic conditions in history.

She must be careful, however, to avoid potentially catastrophic missteps on the issue of healthcare and prescription drugs.

Specifically, Sen. McSally has introduced legislation and supported other Senate Finance Committee proposals that would introduce drug price controls from socialist foreign healthcare systems to the U.S., empower the Department of Health and Human  Services (HHS) to directly…[more]

February 24, 2020 • 04:46 pm
China's Government is Like Something Out of '1984'

China's Government is Like Something Out of '1984'

Few Western companies complain that Chinese society is surveilled, regulated and controlled in a nightmarish fashion that George Orwell once predicted in his dystopian novel "1984."

Federal Health Bureaucrats Unprepared for Coronavirus

Federal Health Bureaucrats Unprepared for Coronavirus

The U.S. is shelling out $100 million to the World Health Organization to help fight the coronavirus in China. Ridiculous. China's got the money to pay for itself.

On Economy, Trump Is Right, Obama Wrong

On Economy, Trump Is Right, Obama Wrong

That’s got to hurt if you’re Barack Obama or one of his apologists, and it explains why Obama couldn’t resist attempting to reclaim credit this week in his tweet.

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Free Market vs Government Control: Antitrust and Prescription Drug Price Controls

Timothy Lee, Senior Vice President of Legal and Public Affairs at CFIF, discusses the DOJ's civil antitrust lawsuit seeking to block Sabre Corporation's acquisition of Farelogix, Inc., and why imported price controls for drugs is a prescription for failure[more]
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Congress Cannot Limit the President's Constitutional Authority

David Rivkin, Jr., a Partner at Baker & Hostelter, discusses the recent resolution passed by the House of Representatives purporting to restrict the president's power to wage war, how the power to declare war is different from the power to make war and what history teaches us[more]
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Bryan Riley, Director of National Taxpayer Union's Free Trade Initiative, discusses the latest developments in the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), what it means for taxpayers, how the proposed changes impact intellectual property protections, and what may work in negotiating U.S. trade relations with[more]
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Timothy Snowball, Attorney at Pacific Legal Foundation, discusses separation of powers, the impeachment process and how the Framers of the Constitution intended for it to be used[more]
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"The fearmongering over Russian election 'interference' might be the most destructive moral panic in American political life since the Red Scare. Then again, to be fair, those who prosecuted the post-war hunt for Communists had the decency to uncover a handful of infiltrators. We've yet to meet a single American who's been brainwashed or had their vote snatched away by an SVR Twitterbot. Probably…[more]
—David Harsanyi, National Review Senior Writer
— David Harsanyi, National Review Senior Writer
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