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Sally Pipessallypipes
RT @PacificResearch: Read the latest from @henryimiller and @JeffaStier: #EarthDay: Opposing #Progress Trumps Protecting the Planet https:/…
Michelle Malkinmichellemalkin
RT @nickmon1112: ⚡️ “Beyond Sri Lanka: The Recent History of Christian Massacres & Killings”…
CNN Breaking Newscnnbrk
US stocks climbed past their all-time highs on Tuesday, as stocks continue to rally from December lows……
Frank LuntzFrankLuntz
President Trump just met with @Jack at the White House.…
David Harsanyidavidharsanyi
At least this MFer won't live long enough to vote.
David Harsanyidavidharsanyi
At least this MRer won't live long enough to vote.
David Harsanyidavidharsanyi
Collusionpalooza and its consequences
John R Lott Jr.JohnRLottJr
Florida Senate passes bill that allows classroom teachers to be armed - nearly along party lines Florida moves clo……
Ann CoulterAnnCoulter
Oh. This is why Jared picked him: "I disagreed with Trump’s rhetoric on immigration and trade."
National ReviewNRO
The Mueller Report Exposes the Absurdity of the Governing Class via @JayCostTWS
Ann CoulterAnnCoulter
Note: He was a "transition official." Jared sure can pick 'em!
Newt Gingrichnewtgingrich
RT @USinHolySee: Ambassador @CallyGingrich was pleased to meet with @UnderSecPD Michelle Giuda and @statedeptspox Morgan Ortagus today at t…
Ann CoulterAnnCoulter
Next try apologizing for your "white privilege"! You won't make it out alive. "If you think calling for the impea……
David Harsanyidavidharsanyi
When Trump acts unilaterally it's fascism. When Democrats do it, it's courage.