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Jester's CourtroomLegal tales stranger than stranger than fiction: Ridiculous and sometimes funny lawsuits plaguing our courts.
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Bret BaierBretBaier
Me too.
Beto’s first presidential ad is unfortunate…
John Hinderakerjhinderaker
Since Nancy Pelosi wants to deprive @RealDonaldTrump of a State of the Union photo-op in the House chamber. She kno……
Bret BaierBretBaier
Thoughts on the show? Suggestions? A little snowy here in DC - but not bad. Have a great night!
Why Steny Hoyer and Rand Paul Could Become Shutdown Heroes… via @epochtimes
John Hinderakerjhinderaker
RT @MNThinkTank: Minnesota has taxes above the national average and Research & Development spending below. New research suggests that the t…
Sarah PalinSarahPalinUSA
New Committee Chair Maxine Waters Has Found Her First Target In Trump Admin.…
Andy McCarthyAndrewCMcCarthy
I really don’t care about any of this sandbox stuff, but I’m kinda amazed at how much travel — exec and Congress —……
I’d watch a movie about Bannon starring Russell Crowe if it had a scene explaining why his bathtub ended up covered……
National ReviewNRO
Study what populists are doing right and adapt rather than keep finding ways to dismiss what may just be ‘popular.’……
Next episode: Trump withdraws Barr’s nomination five minutes before the confirmation vote when he realizes Barr won……
RT @KT_So_It_Goes: onion headline: president rescinds attorney general nomination after learning of “unacceptable” pledge to uphold law dur…
Peggy NoonanPeggynoonannyc
What a fabulous group. Well done, IOP.
National ReviewNRO
Trump’s Middle East Strategy and the Kurds
Erick EricksonEWErickson
#EERS S8 Ep11: Attacks, Bigotry, and Medicaid: via @YouTube