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Jester's CourtroomLegal tales stranger than stranger than fiction: Ridiculous and sometimes funny lawsuits plaguing our courts.
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Sharyl AttkissonSharylAttkisson
This new poll may be accurate. But always good to remember history. i.e. "May 2015: Quinnipiac found Donald Trump t……
Bret BaierBretBaier
Sharyl AttkissonSharylAttkisson
RT @ABC: Just minutes after announcing two articles of impeachment against Pres. Trump, House Democrats announce deal with the White House…
Bret BaierBretBaier
RT @dcexaminer: Bernie Sanders's pitch on "Medicare for all" was partially drowned out by protesters during a speech at a union event. "Ho…
Rasmussen ReportsRasmussen_Poll
Have you seen President #Trump's daily job approval ratings for today? @POTUS
Katie PavlichKatiePavlich
Huh, sounds just like Democrats handling impeachment
Erick EricksonEWErickson
Quin HillyerQuinHillyer
One impeachment count is far stronger than the other
Sharyl AttkissonSharylAttkisson
VOTE: We want to hear all views! Go to the home page at and look for black box on right sid……
Sharyl AttkissonSharylAttkisson
RT @ScottThuman: Reports coming in that'll make the #YangGang happy: apparently @AndrewYang has now qualified for the December debate. He'd…
Sharyl AttkissonSharylAttkisson
Can't get over how IG report showed the DOJ/FBI knew dossier was complete bunk by January 2017 and yet they kept su……
Quin HillyerQuinHillyer… Here, @mattklewis conducts a thoroughly enjoyable (for me) interview with yrs truly, in whi……
National ReviewNRO
RT @NRWire: Rep. Ted Yoho Becomes the 23rd House Republican to Announce Retirement |
National ReviewNRO
RT @NRWire: Rubio Calls for a ‘Pro-American Industrial Policy’ to Challenge China in Followup to ‘Common Good Capitalism’ Speech | https://…