So there's grave new trouble for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's crony-capitalist, climate alarmist…
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Crony Capitalist N.Y. Utility Subsidy Boondoggle Now Facing Federal Lawsuit

So there's grave new trouble for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's crony-capitalist, climate alarmist utility subsidy boondoggle:  a federal lawsuit.

Since its introduction in August, CFIF has been exposing Cuomo's "Clean Energy Standard" (CES), a scheme approved by the state of New York's Public Service Commission made up entirely of his own appointees.  In a nutshell, the CES creates an artificial mandate that 50% of all the state's energy be generated by carbon-neutral plants just 13 years from now.   At a minimum, the CES will cost $1 billion in its first two years alone, and an estimated $8 billion over its 13-year existence.  And it illustrates the sort of crony capitalism that is all too common at the federal, state and local levels because the plan's subsidies will be steered…[more]

October 21, 2016 • 06:25 pm

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Notable Quotes
On Iran's Price for U.S. Hostages:

"Iran's leaders, according to the nation's state-run press, now expect 'billions of dollars' in exchange for US hostages they're holding in Tehran's notorious Evin prison.

Proving, yet again, the problem with ransoming hostages. ...

Iran's hostage-taking habit is just one more mess the next president will have to clean up."

— New York Post Editorial Board
— New York Post Editorial Board
Posted October 21, 2016 • 08:16 am
On the Clearcut Winner of the 3rd Presidential Debate:

"So Debate No. 3 had one clearcut winner: Fox News' Chris Wallace. ...

"On Wednesday night, Wallace put on a clinic on how to run a debate, He focused heavily on questions of substance. He largely stayed away from the distractions. And he moved quickly and forcibly to keep the debate on track, cutting off interruptions and off-subject interjections. Not perfectly, but pretty darn well."

— Rem Rieder, USA TODAY
— Rem Rieder, USA TODAY
Posted October 20, 2016 • 08:24 am
On the Subject of Voter Fraud:

"Try as our Democratic friends might, there is no denying that fraudulent voting happens. Illegal immigrants and other non-citizens cast votes: Research from politics professors Jesse Richman and David Earnest finds that one in six non-citizens are registered to vote, and many of them report voting illegally. Legal U.S. voters have been found illegally voting in multiple states. Efforts to purge voter rolls of ineligible voters, e.g. dead people, have been resisted strongly by Democrats, as have efforts to see to the enforcement of laws against voting by felons. It is easily within the realm of statistical possibility that these votes have been decisive in at least two elections: Al Franken's 2008 Senate election and Barack Obama's 2008 victory in North Carolina. ...

"The fact is that we should be opposed to illegal voting even if it is only desultory and rare, even if it amounts to something less than a decisive factor in electoral outcomes. For one thing, it is wrong, malum in se, and for another, it actually does what the Democrats accuse Trump of doing: It undermines confidence in the legitimacy of U.S. elections."

— Kevin D. Williamson, National Review
— Kevin D. Williamson, National Review
Posted October 19, 2016 • 08:27 am
On Sourcing Trump Rally Agitators:

"Operatives working for the Democratic National Committees sent agitators to Donald Trump rallies in an attempt to cause violence -- an effort that was supported by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

"The revelation comes from a hidden camera video released Monday by activist James O'Keefe and an email released by Wikileaks. In the video, liberal activists who say they are in contact with the Clinton campaign claim responsibility for violent events which have occurred so far this election."

— Alex Pfeiffer, The Daily Caller
— Alex Pfeiffer, The Daily Caller
Posted October 18, 2016 • 08:18 am
On What the Wikileaks Emails Tell Us About Hillary Clinton:

"Take a deep dive into the more than 10,000 Clinton campaign emails published by WikiLeaks, and here's what you'll learn: Hillary Clinton is a careful, methodical, tightly-controlled politician. Her jokes, her tweets and even her purported ad libs are often scripted by aides. She hates to apologize, even when she admits she's done something wrong, like keeping emails on a home server. She's a progressive, but not an ideologue; she yearns for 'rational, moderate voices' on both sides. Above all, she's a pragmatist who's willing to compromise -- and to have 'both a public and a private position' if that's what it takes to make a deal.

"Fainted yet?

"'Politics is like sausage being made. It is unsavory, and it always has been that way,' she told a housing group in 2014. 'But if everybody's watching, you know, all of the backroom discussions and the deals...then people get a little nervous, to say the least. So you need both a public and a private position.'

"In other words, she's a Clinton -- a Democrat who believes in progressive goals, but who's willing to trim them, postpone them, even throw them under a bus (temporarily, anyway) when practical politics requires."

— Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
— Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
Posted October 17, 2016 • 08:03 am
On UNESCO's Revisionist History:

"UNESCO -- the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization -- is supposed to promote peace, but keeps doing just the opposite: This week, it moved to write Jewish (and Christian) history out of areas sacred to several religions.

"On Thursday, the agency recognized Jerusalem's Temple Mount and Western Wall as Muslim -- effectively denying any Jewish or Christian ties there.

"Yet Jews have revered the site for 2,000 years as where the holy Temple stood and where Abraham nearly sacrificed his son Isaac. It's also significant to Christians as the site of several key events in Jesus' life. ...

"Such revisionist propaganda wins cheers in benighted bastions of anti-Israel and anti-Western hostility -- and can only embolden jihadists, incite violence and worsen prospects for Arab-Israeli peace."

— New York Post Editorial Board
— New York Post Editorial Board
Posted October 14, 2016 • 07:54 am
On DOJ Not Prosecuting HRC for Email Scandal:

"The decision to let Hillary Clinton off the hook for mishandling classified information has roiled the FBI and Department of Justice, with one person closely involved in the year-long probe telling that career agents and attorneys on the case unanimously believed the Democratic presidential nominee should have been charged.

"The source, who spoke to on the condition of anonymity, said FBI Director James Comey'€™s dramatic July 5 announcement that he would not recommend to the Attorney General's office that the former secretary of state be charged left members of the investigative team dismayed and disgusted. More than 100 FBI agents and analysts worked around the clock with six attorneys from the DOJ's National Security Division, Counter Espionage Section, to investigate the case.

"'No trial level attorney agreed, no agent working the case agreed, with the decision not to prosecute -- it was a top-down decision,' said the source, whose identity and role in the case has been verified by

"A high-ranking FBI official told Fox News that while it might not have been a unanimous decision, 'It was unanimous that we all wanted her [Clinton's] security clearance yanked.'"

Read entire article here.

— Malia Zimmerman and Adam Housley, FOX News Channel
— Malia Zimmerman and Adam Housley, FOX News Channel
Posted October 13, 2016 • 07:42 am
On US Covert Middle East Weapons Program:

"American arms dealer Marc Turi, in his first television interview since criminal charges against him were dropped, told Fox News that the Obama administration -- with the cooperation of Hillary Clinton's State Department -- tried and failed to make him the scapegoat for a 2011 covert weapons program to arm Libyan rebels that spun out of control. ...

"The 48-year-old Arizona resident has been at the epicenter of a failed federal investigation led by the Justice Department spanning five years and costing the government an estimated $10 million or more, Turi says.

"Turi says the Justice Department abruptly dropped the case to avoid public disclosure of the weapons program, that was designed to force the ouster of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi during the 2011 Arab Spring.

"'Those transcripts from current as well as former CIA officers were classified,' Turi said of the evidence. 'If any of these relationships [had] been revealed it would have opened up a can of worms. There wouldn't have been any good answer for the U.S. government especially in this election year.' The Justice Department faced a deadline last week to produce records to the defense."

— Catherine Herridge and Pamela K. Browne, FOX News Channel
— Catherine Herridge and Pamela K. Browne, FOX News Channel
Posted October 12, 2016 • 07:57 am
On Fact-Checking ObamaCare at the Presidential Debate:

"When a questioner at Sunday night's presidential debate asked about ObamaCare's premium spikes, increasing deductibles and increasingly skimpy coverage, Hillary Clinton quickly ran down a list of great things she claims the law achieved.

"Among the alleged benefits were, she said, letting parents keep their kids on their insurance plans up to age 26 (even though most states had this requirement before ObamaCare) and banning pre-existing condition restrictions for employer coverage (which had already been banned or severely restricted for group plans sold in every state).

"But at the top of the list was her claim that '20 million got insurance who didn't have it before.' This went unchallenged by every fact-checker sifting through the debate, even though it's not true. ...

"We've complained many times in this space that 'fact-checking' by journalists is often just a way for them to disguise opinion journalism. The fact that none of the fact-checkers reviewing Sunday's debate noticed Clinton's phony 20 million number is a case in point."

— The Editors, Investors Business Daily
— The Editors, Investors Business Daily
Posted October 11, 2016 • 08:23 am
On How the Moderators Hijacked the Second Debate:

"Last night was a vivid, real-time illustration of how the media think of the American people: 'We're really interested in how you think! So, please, come in, sit down and . . . let the professionals ask the questions.'

"Man of the people Anderson Cooper, son of Gloria Vanderbilt, and Martha Raddatz, who had President Obama as a guest at her wedding, must have panicked when ordinary Americans invited to what was billed as a Town Hall debate in St. Louis didn't ask the questions they were supposed to ask. ...

"So it went as the night wore on: For long periods of time the invited voters had as much influence on events as wallpaper. The moderators went after the candidates, mostly but not exclusively aiming their questions at Trump, repeatedly interrupting him and telling him his time was up. ...

"Voters can be forgiven if they're wondering why journalists keep mistaking themselves for the star of every show, even one that was designed to give the people a voice."

Read entire article here.

— Kyle Smith, New York Post
— Kyle Smith, New York Post
Posted October 10, 2016 • 08:05 am
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"Iran's leaders, according to the nation's state-run press, now expect 'billions of dollars' in exchange for US hostages they're holding in Tehran's notorious Evin prison. Proving, yet again, the problem with ransoming hostages. ...Iran's hostage-taking habit is just one more mess the next president will have to clean up."…[more]
—New York Post Editorial Board
— New York Post Editorial Board
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