CFIF often highlights how the Biden Administration's bizarre decision to resurrect failed Title II "…
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Image of the Day: U.S. Internet Speeds Skyrocketed After Ending Failed Title II "Net Neutrality" Experiment

CFIF often highlights how the Biden Administration's bizarre decision to resurrect failed Title II "Net Neutrality" internet regulation, which caused private broadband investment to decline for the first time ever outside of a recession during its brief experiment at the end of the Obama Administration, is a terrible idea that will only punish consumers if allowed to take effect.

Here's what happened after that brief experiment was repealed under the Trump Administration and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai - internet speeds skyrocketed despite late-night comedians' and left-wing activists' warnings that the internet was doomed:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="515"] Internet Speeds Post-"Net Neutrality"[/caption]


April 19, 2024 • 09:51 AM

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The Biden, Schumer, Romney Foreign Aid Budget Buster Print
By Stephen Moore
Wednesday, February 14 2024
Biden called for taxpayers to make a sacrifice and do 'our duty' to defend our allies, but the one thing he won't sacrifice is his green agenda.

President Joe Biden, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and a handful of left-leaning Republicans (led by Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, of course) have just agreed to a near $100 billion foreign aid bill for Israel and Ukraine. 

Is the spending addiction so severe that there is NOTHING Congress will not spend and borrow money for?

Not one penny of this aid package is paid for with offsetting spending cuts from a near $6 trillion budget. President Donald Trump has sensibly suggested that the foreign aid funds  if any  should be in the form of a loan to be paid back by the recipient countries over time. The Dems wouldn't go for that. 

The Dems and the White House have even resisted audits of where the first tranches of money to Ukraine have gone  which naturally makes us suspicious. 

We've argued from Day 1 that, by far, the single most effective way to stop the Russia war machine is to drill and drill and drill for oil and gas here at home to drive down the world price of oil. BOTH the aggressions by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Hamas terrorists were aided and abetted by Biden's insane war on American energy. Is it a mere coincidence that Putin moved Russian troops and tanks into Ukraine AFTER Biden entered the Oval Office? Both of these warriors are funded with petrodollars. 

Where is this "bipartisan" agreement for more drilling and more pipelines? Biden called for taxpayers to make a sacrifice and do "our duty" to defend our allies, but the one thing he won't sacrifice is his green agenda. 

I know that Americans of goodwill have very different opinions on the wisdom of intervening in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. But what we all should agree on is that the greatest threat to American economic and national security is out-of-control government debt spending, which will soon exceed $35 trillion. This bill adds another $1,200 per household to our debt, as calculated by the Heritage Foundation. And just the interest payments on the additional borrowing will add billions more to the river of red ink. 

When challenged on his reckless financial policies, Biden blames Trump and "Republican tax cuts." ...

Neither was tightfisted when it came to controlling spending, but Biden's annual deficits per year were $1.5 trillion  twice as high as Trump's $750 billion. And these dismal Biden numbers don't even include the $100 billion this foreign aid bill adds to the national credit card. 

If spending more on Israel and Ukraine is such a vital priority for America, surely we could cut a mere 2 cents out of the dollar from every other program to pay for it. 

Stephen Moore is a senior fellow at FreedomWorks and cofounder of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity. 


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"Soon the government might shut down your car.President Joe Biden's new infrastructure gives bureaucrats that power.You probably didn't hear about that because when media covered it, few mentioned the requirement that by 2026, every American car must 'monitor' the driver, determine if he is impaired and, if so, 'limit vehicle operation.'Rep. Thomas Massie objected, complaining that the law makes government…[more]
— John Stossel, Author, Pundit and Columnist
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