In this week's Liberty Update we highlight the potentially catastrophic threat of H.R. 3, the healthcare…
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Notable Quote: WSJ on H.R. 3, Biden & Pelosi's Dangerous Healthcare Bill

In this week's Liberty Update we highlight the potentially catastrophic threat of H.R. 3, the healthcare and drug price control bill that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are attempting to rush through Congress.  The Wall Street Journal helpfully offers further insight this morning on how H.R. 3 would threaten lifesaving U.S. pharmaceutical innovation and leadership, including on things like the Covid vaccines:

Companies that refuse the government’s price must pay a 95% excise tax on all revenue they generate from that drug in the U.S.  They’d also have to offer the government price to private insurers.  There’s no “negotiation” when a gun is pointed at your head.  A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association estimates that drug spending in the U.S. would…[more]

September 23, 2021 • 10:23 AM

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Mr. Obama’s Utter Destructiveness Print
By Quin Hillyer
Wednesday, November 13 2013
This president has poisoned our body politic in too many ways to count...

Oliver Cromwell was a nasty piece of work, but one of his most famous lines should be resurrected and aimed at Barack Obama.

“Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

If only The One would listen….

The reality is that Obama has been a plague on the American body politic since his first days in the presidency. As if to emphasize his “otherness,” his utter lack of appropriate U.S.-centric outlook, he gave his first formal media interview as president to… does anybody remember this? … Al-Arabiya. Moves to undermine allies in Poland, Honduras, Great Britain and of course Israel were not far behind.

He shredded contracts, the rights of creditors and bankruptcy law to forcibly transfer ownership of automobile manufacturers from investors to unions. He pushed through the most massive “stimulus” program in most of our lifetimes by promising “shovel-ready” jobs that he knew weren’t anything near shovel-ready, all while steering contracts to favored cronies. And in the same package he snuck in provisions that effectively destroyed half of the most successful major domestic reform in generations, namely the welfare reforms of 1996.

He backed, to the hilt, a new attorney general who impugned our wonderful American character by calling us a “nation of cowards” with regard to race. Soon it became apparent that the AG, with Obama’s enthusiastic support, had a much more nefarious agenda than mere name-calling. Dropping an already-won voter-intimidation case against thuggish New Black Panthers; refusing to enforce voting-integrity laws because they “don’t help turnout” of liberal voters; refusing to enforce any civil rights laws against black perpetrators; running guns to Mexican drug lords; using the full weight of the Justice Department against perceived political enemies (read: conservatives) regardless of binding precedent to the contrary: These all were not just Eric Holder’s policies, but Obama’s.

Obama abused not just one, but three, federal inspectors general, completely forcing out one of them on bogus grounds without the legally required notice to Congress. He appointed a vastly unqualified judge to the Supreme Court because she was “Latina,” despite a paper trail and ethics questions so embarrassing they would have disqualified just about anybody else from consideration. And he has populated lower courts with a series of radicals – including one who actually complained that the playing of “America the Beautiful” at a funeral was an improper “appeal to patriotism”.

Obama’s administration botched the early handling of the BP oil spill, and then was found in contempt of court for blocking oil exploration afterwards in the Gulf of Mexico. But it did use taxpayer dollars to assist a Brazilian oil-drilling project.

This president has poisoned our body politic in too many ways to count: insulting adversaries at every turn; lecturing the Supreme Court at a State of the Union speech; refusing to negotiate with Republicans or moving the goalposts in negotiations when agreements seemed near; siccing the IRS on political opponents; running one of the most vicious re-election campaigns in living memory, and more.

This man has seized defeat from victory in Iraq; turned Russia’s hideous Vladimir Putin into a diplomatic superstar; diddled away American credibility throughout the Middle East; failed to protect our consulate in Benghazi and then failed to try to rescue Americans under attack in that city, and now turned the French, of all nations, into a tougher adversary of Iranian nukes (and a comparative voice of sanity) than we are – all while repeatedly snubbing the leader of our great ally, Israel.

And, of course, there is ObamaCare – a law forced through by every procedural sleight-of-hand and hardball tactic imaginable and, as we now all know, sold with malice aforethought by repeating a bald-faced lie again and again and again. Because of this monstrosity – this worst federal law not involving race in the history of the country – tens of millions of Americans will end up losing the insurance they liked, tens of millions will see horrendous hikes in premiums, millions will be forced to buy insurance they don’t want at all (even though they can’t even sign up when they try, because the web site doesn’t work), scores of institutions and businesses will be forced to provide coverage against their deepest religious beliefs, many doctor-patient relationships will be disturbed or destroyed, doctors will be financially squeezed and rationing is just around the corner.

Because of Barack Obama, the national debt has skyrocketed, the economy has been stalled for five years, the health care system is being ruined, American prestige around the world has been pathetically degraded, political debate has become toxic and Americans’ trust in our government has fallen to the lowest levels in history.

In the name of God, Barack Obama should go.

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"According to the left-of-center Tax Policy Center, Biden's tax plan will raise taxes on 75% of middle-class families next year and 95% of families over the long term. Biden's policies are already slowing the economy. In August, the U.S. added just 235,000 jobs, a far cry from estimates that 720,000 jobs would be created. The economy has over 600,000 fewer jobs than the Biden administration boasted…[more]
—Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform
— Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform
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