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Image of the Day: The Ongoing Biden Pay Cut

Posted without additional commentary, per the latest Labor Department data, here's an illustration from economist Steve Moore of the immediate and ongoing pay cut that Americans have experienced since Joe Biden became president:

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June 06, 2023 • 11:45 AM

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Biden Supports Gun Rights – Just Not for Americans Print
By Timothy H. Lee
Thursday, March 17 2022
So Biden believes that within our own borders small arms are pointless against F-15s and nuclear weapons, but elsewhere the reverse is true?

The Ukraine crisis exposes a reprehensible contradiction among leftists and the Biden Administration:  They encourage increased energy production by murderous dictatorships in Iran and Venezuela, but not here in America.  

The crisis exposes an equally indefensible contradiction regarding the right to keep and bear arms.  They eagerly support it in other nations, but not for Americans.  

Here’s what the far-left Occupy Democrats tweeted on February 24 as the Russian invasion began:  

BREAKING:  Ukraine’s Interior Minister announces that 10,000 automatic rifles have been handed out to the civilians of Kyiv as they prepare to fight tooth and nail to defend their homes against Putin’s invasion.  RT IF YOU STAND WITH THE BRAVE UKRAINIAN PEOPLE!  

Minutes later, they amplified the crusade:  

If you’re an American who stands with the brave citizens of Ukraine who have been issued 10,000 automatic rifles as they prepare to repel Putin’s bloodthirsty invaders – please RT and follow our account for the latest breaking Ukraine news.  

That’s difficult to square with their June 14, 2016 tweet mindlessly maligning the same concept:  

No civilian needs an AR-15, regardless of whatever mental gymnastics you do.  You are a very special breed of stupid.  

Meanwhile, Joe Biden rightly sends thousands of small arms as part of a broader military weaponry aid package to Ukraine.  Biden’s Department of Commerce is even expediting approval for private-sector U.S. manufacturers to export firearms and ammunition to Ukraine.  

Last year, however, Biden mocked any suggestion that small arms might repel militarized oppression.  “If you wanted, or if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.”  

Any Parthenon temple honoring Biden’s baffling absurdities would be measured in acres rather than square footage, but that claim would merit a prominent place in it.  

This is the same Joe Biden, after all, who orchestrated a catastrophically mismanaged surrender of Afghanistan to ragtag nomads with small arms.  Moreover, one would think that a man who came of political age during the Vietnam War would possess a better working understanding of the value of small arms in fighting off a far superior military.  Then there’s the American Revolution itself, in which patriots with small arms defeated the world’s most powerful military.  

But here’s the most bizarre aspect of all.  

The White House concedes that Biden personally interrupted delivery of 28 Polish MiG-29 fighter jets repeatedly requested by Ukraine in its desperate fight for survival.  According to his logic, supplying Ukrainians with deadly small arms, antitank weaponry and other deadly devices are far more effective against the Russian military than advanced fighter aircraft.   As reported by Politico, the Biden Administration determined that, “the warplanes wouldn’t materially improve Ukraine’s chances.”  

So Biden believes that within our own borders small arms are pointless against F-15s and nuclear weapons, but elsewhere the reverse is true?  

Biden’s incoherence aside, events in Ukraine reconfirm that the Second Amendment’s individual right to keep and bear arms is no anachronism.  

Ukrainians have defied expectations by bogging down the vastly larger and more equipped Russian juggernaut, which Ukrainian government officials credit in large part to inexperienced individual citizens using small arms:   

“In the city itself, the territorial defense detachments are working quite effectively,” Mkhailo Podolak, an adviser to the Ukrainian presidential chief of staff, said in a statement Saturday morning.  “It turned out that people are coming out, defending their homes.  It wasn’t expected by analysts of the Russian General Staff.”  

Men from their 20s to late 50s, from a range of backgrounds, showed up.  Igor, 37, an economist for an online retailing company, who didn’t want his last name published for safety reasons, stood in line for his gun.  He spoke at barely a whisper and his lips trembled.  The dull thud of bombs or artillery could be heard in the distance.  “I never served in the army or with the police or anything,” he said.  He said he hoped to be able to figure it out…  

“Everybody in our country needs to defend – women, girls, everybody,” said Denis Matash, 33, the manager of Milk, a Kyiv nightclub, standing in line with about 50 other men at the recruitment center.  “I don’t think they understand where they came,” he said of the Russians.  “Look at what is happening here.”  Grigory Mamchur, 40, who works as a male strip dancer at the Milk nightclub, part of the now shuttered but once booming nightlife scene in Kyiv, was also in line for a Kalashnikov.  “There wasn’t even anything to think about,” Mr. Mamchur said.  “We will defend the country however we can.  This could be our last chance.”  

Individuals using small arms needn’t affirmatively defeat a larger and more sophisticated military aggressor to succeed.  They merely need to make the aggression more costly than it’s worth to the aggressor.  And in Ukraine, that’s already been the case.  

Throughout history and today in Ukraine, an armed citizenry has thus provided a bulwark against more powerful aggressors.  The Biden Administration and leftists seem to recognize that in Ukraine, but now they need to acknowledge that the logic doesn’t just apply overseas.

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