Americans are by now broadly aware of the threat posed by Chinese-owned TikTok, including its threat…
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TikTok’s Latest Assault: Ripping Off American Artists and Songwriters

Americans are by now broadly aware of the threat posed by Chinese-owned TikTok, including its threat to U.S. national security.

In recent days, we’ve witnessed in real time another emerging TikTok threat reaching the headlines:  The threat it poses to intellectual property protections, which undergird America’s status as the most artistically and musically productive and influential nation in human history.

Universal Music Group, however, has decided to stand up and fight back by removing its catalog of songs – including artists like Taylor Swift, Drake and Billie Eilish – from TikTok.

Tone-Deaf TikTok has built its aggressive worldwide empire largely on the backs of music created by American artists, as even its corporate leadership openly admits.  As TikTok’s very own…[more]

February 08, 2024 • 12:44 PM

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Reporting On the Sharp Increase in Medicaid Emergency Spending for Illegal Migrants:

"Medicaid emergency spending for illegal immigrants more than doubled from fiscal year 2020 to fiscal year 2021, according to House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green.

During a congressional hearing Wednesday on Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas' job performance, Green said more people have entered the U.S. illegally under his roughly two-year tenure 'than in the 12 years of the Obama and Trump administrations combined.' ...

The Tennessee Republican said that Medicaid spending on emergency medical services for illegal immigrants went from roughly $3 billion in fiscal year 2020 to over $7 billion in fiscal year 2021."

Read the entire article here.

— Nicholas Ballasy, Just the News
— Nicholas Ballasy, Just the News
Posted June 15, 2023 • 08:06 AM
On the Economy, the Deficit and Federal Tax Revenues:

"President Joe Biden loves to brag about the masterful job he's doing managing the nation's economy, as he did on Tuesday when cheering the latest inflation news -- which saw food prices up almost 7% from last year -- and 'our historic economic progress.'

"The day before that, the Treasury Department released its monthly financial statement, which shows that the federal deficit for this fiscal year has already topped $1 trillion and that a big factor behind this is a sharp reduction in federal tax revenues from last year.

"Wait, you say. If the economy is 'strong' and 'historic' as Biden claims, why are revenues cratering and deficits exploding?"

Read the entire article here.

— Issues & Insights Editorial Board
— Issues & Insights Editorial Board
Posted June 14, 2023 • 07:58 AM
Reporting On Housing Affordability:

"Owning a home has long been seen as a pillar of the American dream. But a new report highlights just how far many Americans remain from achieving it.

"Middle-income households, or those with annual earnings of up to $75,000, can afford only 23% of the homes listed for sale in the U.S., according to recent data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR). In a more balanced market, almost half of listings should be affordable to buyers of average income, the group said.

"In fact, the housing market has a deficit of about 320,000 affordable homes, NAR found, which for moderate-income families ranges up to about $256,000. The median price for all homes is $388,000."

Read the entire article here.

— Sanvi Bangalore, MoneyWatch
— Sanvi Bangalore, MoneyWatch
Posted June 13, 2023 • 08:17 AM
Fact-Checking President Biden on His Economic Record:

"There he goes again, again! The 'he' is President Joe Biden. At 1 pm today, the Wall Street Journal posted a new Biden op-ed piece on the economy, and it's chock-full of Pinocchios and other related untruths, as per usual.

"The one I want to tackle, first and really foremost, is his assertion that, since he took office, our economy has somehow created more than 13 million jobs. This is a gigantic cherry-picked exaggeration. The vast bulk of those jobs were COVID replacement, not new jobs. That's point number one.

"Point number two: If you look at the broadest measure of employment, which is total civilian employment, the household survey, adjusted for population changes, that number through May is 160.7 million jobs. Now, pre-pandemic in January 2020, that number was 159.6 million. So, actually, the household employment gain is a grand total of 1.1 million from the pre-COVID baseline, which means, in effect, Mr. Biden hadn't created any new jobs at all."

Read the enitre article here.

— Larry Kudlow, Fox Business
— Larry Kudlow, Fox Business
Posted June 09, 2023 • 08:31 AM
Reporting on the Continuing 'Great Migration' from High-Tax States to Low-Tax States:

"The exodus from high-tax states continues.

"A growing number of Americans are migrating from predominantly blue states with steep taxes like California and New York to red states with lower taxes like Florida and Texas, according to a Bank of America analyst note that is based on aggregated and anonymous internal customer data.

"'We constructed near real-time estimates of domestic migration flows and found that pandemic migration trends are not reversing,' the analysis said. Since the first quarter of 2023, the data 'suggests that cities that saw a large influx of people during the pandemic have still been growing faster than other cities in recent quarters.' ...

"'This population shift paints a clear picture,' said Janelle Fritts, a policy analyst at the nonpartisan Tax Foundation. 'People left high-tax, high-cost states for lower-tax, lower-cost alternatives.'"

Read the entire article here.

— Megan Henney, Fox Business
— Megan Henney, Fox Business
Posted June 07, 2023 • 08:50 AM
On the Attacks Against Capitalism:

"By now, much of the country has heard or read about the City University of New York law school graduate who was allowed to unspool a spiteful tirade as the school's commencement speaker. She made a number of vile statements, but her call to 'fight against capitalism' stood out to us. She and her fellow travelers know what few casual observers are aware of, that is, an attack on capitalism is an attack on liberty.

"Condemning capitalism is nothing new in this country. We've heard the angry criticisms all of our lives, and they weren't novel when we were young. It's tragic, really, that so many in the West see the tension between 'capitalists' and their ideological opponents as merely a conflict between ideas about which economic system we should have.

"But it's more than that. It's a battle between freedom and subjugation."

Read the entire article here.

— Issues & Insights Editorial Board
— Issues & Insights Editorial Board
Posted June 06, 2023 • 08:54 AM
On the U.S. Supreme Court's Decision in Tyler v. Hennepin County:

"While left-wing attacks on the Supreme Court continue, the justices demonstrated again last week that simple partisan categories cannot explain their work. In Tyler v. Hennepin County, the court unanimously agreed that the right to property continues even when the government seizes land to recover a tax debt.

"Even with a court sharply divided over questions of race, religion and government power, the justices came together to re-affirm the most basic of constitutional freedoms.

"Tyler was another case that pitted an individual property owner against a government Leviathan."

Read the entire article here.

— John Yoo, Law professor at the University of California at Berkeley, and Robert Delahunty, Washington Fellow of the Claremont Center for the American Way of Life
— John Yoo, Law professor at the University of California at Berkeley, and Robert Delahunty, Washington Fellow of the Claremont Center for the American Way of Life
Posted June 05, 2023 • 07:52 AM
Reporting On the U.S. Supreme Court's Decision in Glacier Northwest, Inc. v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters:

"The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday dealt another setback to organized labor by making it easier for employers to sue over strikes that cause property destruction in a ruling siding with a concrete business in Washington state that sued the union representing its truck drivers after a work stoppage.

"The 8-1 decision overturned a lower court's ruling that said the lawsuit filed by Glacier Northwest Inc, which sells and delivers ready-mix concrete, against a local affiliate of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters was preempted by a U.S. law called the National Labor Relations Act. Glacier Northwest is a unit of Japan-based Taiheiyo Cement Corp.

"Glacier Northwest filed a lawsuit in Washington state court accusing the union of intentional property destruction during a 2017 strike.

"A group of drivers went on strike while their mixing trucks were filled with concrete. Although the drivers kept their mixing drums rotating to delay the concrete from hardening and damaging the vehicles, the company was forced to discard the unused product at a financial loss."

Read the entire article here.

— John Kruzel, Reuters
— John Kruzel, Reuters
Posted June 02, 2023 • 08:11 AM
Reporting On the Growing Scandal Alleging Then-Vice President Joe Biden Accepted Money from a Foreign National to Affect Policy Decisions:

"After a confidential human source claimed then-Vice President Joe Biden agreed to accept money from a foreign national to affect policy decisions, FBI agents used what's called an FD-1023 form to record the allegation. Now FBI Director Christopher Wray is defying a May 3 congressional subpoena to provide this form. On Tuesday, in response to Wray's refusal to hand over the documents, Oversight and Accountability Committee Chair James Comer announced the House will move to hold the FBI director in contempt of Congress.

"It isn't that announcement -- or even the other explosive ones released over the past year by Comer's Senate colleague, Chuck Grassley -- that prove the most telling, however. Rather, it is the combination of all the details, big and small, that suggests the scandal set to unfold over the coming weeks will be bigger than anyone imagined."

Read the entire article here.

— Margot Cleveland, Senior Legal Correspondent at The Federalist
— Margot Cleveland, Senior Legal Correspondent at The Federalist
Posted June 01, 2023 • 08:14 AM
Reporting On a New Poll Showing West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice Leading Sen. Joe Manchin in a Race for U.S. Senate in 2024:

"West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice (R) is leading incumbent Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) by 22 points in a hypothetical U.S. Senate matchup in 2024, according to a poll released Tuesday.

"Justice leads Manchin 54 percent to 32 percent, with 13 percent of respondents saying they are undecided, according to an East Carolina University Center for Survey Research poll of registered voters in West Virginia.

"The same survey found that Justice has a job-approval rating of 57 percent and a 29-percent disapproval rating. Manchin's job-approval rating sits at 33 percent, with a 59-percent disapproval rating."

Read the entire article here.

— Sarah Fortinsky, The Hill
— Sarah Fortinsky, The Hill
Posted May 31, 2023 • 08:34 AM
Notable Quote   
"Mitch McConnell changed the direction of the world. He stopped the destruction of the Republican Party by opposing, delaying and weakening and ultimately defeating the drive for 'campaign finance reform' that would have left union bosses as the sole power in America. Senator McConnell herorically sculpted the present Supreme Court and saved the second amendment, religious liberty and free speech.…[more]
— Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform
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