We at CFIF have consistently highlighted the peril of federal, state and local government efforts targeting…
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New Study Shows How Overregulating Short-Term Lenders Harms Consumers

We at CFIF have consistently highlighted the peril of federal, state and local government efforts targeting the short-term consumer lending sector.

Less than two years ago, we specifically sounded the alarm on a New Mexico law artificially restricting interest rates on short-term consumer loans.

Well, a new study entitled "A New Mexico Consumer Survey:  Understanding the Impact of the 2023 Rate Cap on Consumers" that surveyed actual borrowers confirms our earlier warnings:

Key findings include:

•Short-term,small-dollar loans help borrowers manage their financial situations, irrespective of the borrower’s income.

•The rate cap has failed to improve the financial wellbeing of New Mexicans, specifically those who had previously relied on short-term, small-dollar loans.


November 27, 2023 • 03:57 PM

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Notable Quotes
On President Biden's Border Crisis:

"More than 200,000 immigrants were arrested after illegally crossing the southern border in May, according to the most recent numbers released last week by the Department of Homeland Security. That is a slight decline from the 211,000 arrested in April but still far short of the completely fabricated 70% decline the White House has been feeding to the press.

"The reality is that the 204,561 illegal immigrants encountered on the southern border last month is almost 10 times the number apprehended in former President Donald Trump's last May in office, and it is still far more than local border communities and sanctuary cities across the country can handle.

"...[T]his steady flow of illegal immigrants is straining community resources thousands of miles from the border. Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser has declared a state of emergency to deal with the constant influx of illegal immigrants. It is estimated that New York City will spend $4 billion on housing for illegal immigrants alone. And Illinois's healthcare spending on illegal immigrants has ballooned from $200 million a year to over $1 billion."

Read the entire article here.

— Washington Examiner Editorial Board
— Washington Examiner Editorial Board
Posted June 26, 2023 • 08:09 AM
Reporting On Biases and Apparent Conflicts of Interest of 'Experts' Bashing U.S. Supreme Court Justices:

"Legal and ethics 'experts' quoted in recent articles targeting conservative justices on the Supreme Court for alleged ethics violations have strong connections to prominent Democrats like President Biden and former President Bill Clinton, but those details were not made apparent in the recent stories.

"In a Tuesday story titled 'Justice Samuel Alito Took Luxury Fishing Vacation With GOP Billionaire Who Later Had Cases Before the Court,' which was published by ProPublica, an individual named Kathleen Clark was quoted in a portion of the piece pertaining to disclosure matters and cited as an 'ethics law expert at Washington University in St. Louis.'

"But the publication failed to disclose that Clark -- who has lent quotes to other ProPublica articles in the past -- formerly worked for the Senate Judiciary Committee as a counsel while then-Senator Biden was chairman, according to Clark's resume, which was obtained from the Washington University in St. Louis' School of Law website.

"Additionally, Clark worked under now-President Biden the same year he led what several Republicans consider to be a smear campaign against Justice Clarence Thomas during his confirmation process in 1991. That information was not disclosed by Clark or ProPublica."

Read the entire article here.

— Kyle Morris and Cameron Cawthorne, Fox News
— Kyle Morris and Cameron Cawthorne, Fox News
Posted June 23, 2023 • 07:50 AM
Reporting On Special Counsel John Durham's Testimony that the FBI Failed to Consider Intelligence Linking Hillary Clinton to Efforts Trying to Tie Then-Candidate Donald Trump to Russia:

"Special Counsel John Durham testified Wednesday that the CIA in 2016 received intelligence that suggested Hillary Clinton had approved a plan to tie then-candidate Donald Trump to Russia -- intelligence that the FBI ignored.

"Durham testified publicly for the first time before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, just weeks after releasing a report that found the Justice Department and the FBI never should have launched the Trump-Russia investigation.

"When asked about his findings, Durham said the FBI failed to 'sufficiently scrutinize information it received' and did not 'apply the same standards to allegations it received about the Clinton and Trump campaigns.'

"'The FBI was too willing to accept and use politically funded and uncorroborated opposition research, such as the Steele dossier,' Durham said. 'The FBI relied on the dossier and FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) applications, knowing there was likely material originating from a political campaign or political opponent.'"

Read the entire article here.

— Brooke Singman, Fox News
— Brooke Singman, Fox News
Posted June 22, 2023 • 08:18 AM
On Hunter Biden's Plea Deal with Federal Prosecutors:

"Hunter Biden's plea deal with federal prosecutors shields him from prison and other serious legal consequences if the judge accepts it, riling conservatives and even independent legal experts who saw it as fresh evidence of a dual system of justice. But it also opens a new chapter of political peril for his father.

"Joe Biden can no longer claim everything was legal in the family business now that his son is admitting to willful tax evasion. His administration also faces fewer excuses to withhold evidence of an alleged coverup in the Justice Department pursuit of the first son now that the case is wrapped up.

"And legal experts say Hunter Biden also may be compelled to testify before Congress and lose the right to invoke his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

"'His own lawyer is saying this deal shields him from any further legal liability and that creates a reasonable basis to say his liability is over,' famed Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz told Just the News on Tuesday. 'He may still try to claim he has some unknown peril but it creates a situation where he can be forced to testify.'

"But well before any testimony from Hunter Biden, other bombshells await President Joe Biden."

Read the entire article here.

— John Solomon, Chief Executive Officer and Editor in Chief of Just the News
— John Solomon, Chief Executive Officer and Editor in Chief of Just the News
Posted June 21, 2023 • 08:36 AM
Reporting On a Newly Declassified Report Confirming the Buying of Americans' Personal Data by Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies:

"A newly declassified report confirms U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies have been buying up personal data on American citizens, raising bipartisan alarm about privacy and civil liberties.

The report compiled by a panel advising the Director of National Intelligence was completed back in January 2022 but was classified before being requested to be made public this month by Democrat Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden.

The report details how U.S. agencies have been buying massive datasets on Americans. The Internal Revenue Service purchased access to a database that stored the location data of millions of Americans’ phones to try to catch tax cheats, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Similar phone location data was obtained and used by Homeland Security for immigration purposes."

Read the entire article here.

— Charlotte Hazard, Just the News
— Charlotte Hazard, Just the News
Posted June 20, 2023 • 08:32 AM
On the Origins of Covid-19:

"Evidence that COVID came from a Chinese lab mounted toward a conclusive level last week: Multiple government sources' say the very first people infected by the bug were Wuhan Institute of Virology researchers, a new report reveals.

More, they were allegedly modifying a close relative of the virus with a key feature unique to it.

The report -- by Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi and Alex Gutentag, posted on the outlet Public -- names Ben Hu, Yu Ping and Yan Zhu as WIV scientists who developed COVID symptoms as early as November 2019, a month before the world even heard of the outbreak, and who now appear to be 'patients zero.'

A source said officials were '100%' certain these three were the ones who developed the symptoms."

Read the entire article here.

— New York Post Editorial Board
— New York Post Editorial Board
Posted June 19, 2023 • 07:53 AM
On President Biden's Iran 'Deal':

"According to news reports, Biden is prepared to authorize billions of dollars in payments to Iran in exchange for the release of U.S. prisoners, a halt to militia attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria, cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency, a moratorium on ballistic missile sales to Russia, and a freeze on uranium enrichment at 60 percent (90 percent enriched uranium is considered weapons-grade). Biden will say this perverse arrangement is necessary to free innocents and prevent the outbreak of war. What he won't be able to do is call it a deal.

"Biden can't call the agreement a deal because he wants to avoid congressional review. The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 forbids the president from relieving nuclear-related sanctions on the Islamic Republic without congressional approval. The administration's end-run around the law is clever. It is also pathetic.

"This deal that dare not speak its name will have no force. It will rely entirely on the goodwill of the 84-year-old Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, a grizzled trickster and ally of Vladimir Putin. The New York Times reports that Khamenei has authorized the deal because it leaves Iran's nuclear infrastructure in place. The second Biden begins to doubt the wisdom of paying further ransom money, Khamenei will start spinning his centrifuges once more. And if paramilitaries controlled by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps fire mortars on Americans -- well, he could say the bloodshed came from militants over whom he exercises no control."

Read the entire article here.

— Matthew Continetti, Founding Editor at Washington Free Beacon and a Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute
— Matthew Continetti, Founding Editor at Washington Free Beacon and a Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute
Posted June 16, 2023 • 07:52 AM
Reporting On the Sharp Increase in Medicaid Emergency Spending for Illegal Migrants:

"Medicaid emergency spending for illegal immigrants more than doubled from fiscal year 2020 to fiscal year 2021, according to House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green.

During a congressional hearing Wednesday on Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas' job performance, Green said more people have entered the U.S. illegally under his roughly two-year tenure 'than in the 12 years of the Obama and Trump administrations combined.' ...

The Tennessee Republican said that Medicaid spending on emergency medical services for illegal immigrants went from roughly $3 billion in fiscal year 2020 to over $7 billion in fiscal year 2021."

Read the entire article here.

— Nicholas Ballasy, Just the News
— Nicholas Ballasy, Just the News
Posted June 15, 2023 • 08:06 AM
On the Economy, the Deficit and Federal Tax Revenues:

"President Joe Biden loves to brag about the masterful job he's doing managing the nation's economy, as he did on Tuesday when cheering the latest inflation news -- which saw food prices up almost 7% from last year -- and 'our historic economic progress.'

"The day before that, the Treasury Department released its monthly financial statement, which shows that the federal deficit for this fiscal year has already topped $1 trillion and that a big factor behind this is a sharp reduction in federal tax revenues from last year.

"Wait, you say. If the economy is 'strong' and 'historic' as Biden claims, why are revenues cratering and deficits exploding?"

Read the entire article here.

— Issues & Insights Editorial Board
— Issues & Insights Editorial Board
Posted June 14, 2023 • 07:58 AM
Reporting On Housing Affordability:

"Owning a home has long been seen as a pillar of the American dream. But a new report highlights just how far many Americans remain from achieving it.

"Middle-income households, or those with annual earnings of up to $75,000, can afford only 23% of the homes listed for sale in the U.S., according to recent data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR). In a more balanced market, almost half of listings should be affordable to buyers of average income, the group said.

"In fact, the housing market has a deficit of about 320,000 affordable homes, NAR found, which for moderate-income families ranges up to about $256,000. The median price for all homes is $388,000."

Read the entire article here.

— Sanvi Bangalore, MoneyWatch
— Sanvi Bangalore, MoneyWatch
Posted June 13, 2023 • 08:17 AM
Notable Quote   
"Congress just passed -- and President Biden just signed -- the latest short-term government funding bill to keep the government running.The bill, which essentially kicks the can down the road, ensures that taxpayers will continue to pay for a bloated government until January, Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Patty Murray (D-WA) said: '...avoiding a (government) shutdown is so very far from mission…[more]
— Cal Thomas, Syndicated Columnist
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