We recently highlighted the preposterousness of Joe Biden's ceaseless talking point that wealthier Americans…
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Image of the Day: Paying Their "Fair Share?"

We recently highlighted the preposterousness of Joe Biden's ceaseless talking point that wealthier Americans don't pay their "fair share" of taxes, as well as the insanity of resting his tax and budgetary policy on that false claim.  In reality, wealthier Americans' share of income taxes paid dwarfs their share of income earned, and the Tax Foundation offers a helpful comparison graph illustrating our point perfectly:

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="651"] Paying Their "Fair Share?"[/caption]…[more]

March 14, 2023 • 09:22 AM

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Jester's Courtroom Legal tales stranger than stranger than fiction: Ridiculous and sometimes funny lawsuits plaguing our courts
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Dog's Best Friend Seeks $11 Million Print
Wednesday, August 10 2011

A Long Island, NY, man filed a lawsuit seeking the return of his 2-year-old schnauzer, Guapo, and $11 million for the emotional distress of being separated from the dog.
Illich Jorquera, 36, filed the lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend, Carla Pimentel, 29, claiming that he came home from a business trip and found that his girlfriend of five years had moved out with the dog.  
"He's stalking me. I took my dog and left when he wasn't around because ... he would have tried to stop me," Pimentel said.
Jorquera said he and Pimentel bought the dog together for $500.
"I was in love with him," Jorquera said. "When he looked at me, it felt like he would be with me forever."

—Source:  UPI.com

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"The American Dream is at risk of death, thanks to decades of terrible economic policy and social engineering from the left.A new Wall Street Journal-NORC survey tells the tale: 80% say the nation's economy is poor or not so good; 47% see it getting even worse over the next year.And 44% disagree that people like them and their families have a 'good chance' of bettering their living standards, while…[more]
— New York Post Editorial Board
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