Our latest Liberty Update highlights the danger of an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that's about to…
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Image of the Day: IRS Collected Record Taxes Through July

Our latest Liberty Update highlights the danger of an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that's about to enjoy a doubling of funding and personnel via the abominable Manchin-Schumer "compromise" tax-and-spend-and-regulate bill.  Apologists for the bill rationalize that a turbocharged IRS is necessary to collect more taxes from the American people (and we highlight in our piece how Americans earning under $200,000, not the "rich," will be the primary targets).  The U.S. Treasury Department, however, just reported that the federal government just collected a record amount of taxes so far this fiscal year.  The obvious problem isn't insufficient funding of the federal government, but rather excessive spending:


August 12, 2022 • 11:54 AM

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Wednesday, October 05 2011

What do most parents do when their daughter doesn't make the cheerleading squad?  Cheer them up, right?

Samantha "Sami" Sanches' parents went a few steps further and sued.  When the former Creekview (Texas) High School cheerleader was left off the varsity squad roster, her parents sued the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District seeking Title IX relief for alleged retaliation and sex discrimination.  They lost in district court, and in a recent decision, judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit tossed the family's appeal.

"It's a petty squabble, masquerading as a civil rights matter, that has no place in federal court or any other court," the 5th Circuit opinion begins.

Allegedly, troubles for Sami began during her junior year and could be traced back to a boy who was the ex-boyfriend of a varsity cheerleader.  After a series of incidents between the two cheerleaders, including Facebook posts, classroom threats, cheerleading tryout pranks and more, Sami's lawyer fired off a six-page missive detailing a laundry list of perceived injustices.  Despite the legalese, Sami didn't make the squad and the family responded with a lawsuit.

In the formal complaint, the family claimed that a hostile school environment caused Sami not to make the varsity squad, resulting in her being diagnosed with depression.  Yet, Federal Magistrate Judge Paul D. Stickney was unmoved by the lawsuit's description of Sami's junior year as a "nightmare of gender-based bullying and harassment" and ruled for the school district.

According to news reports, Sami's attorneys lambasted Stickney with a semi-coherent rant filed before the 5th Circuit, disregarding the most elemental tenets of professionalism, spelling and subject-verb agreement.

"Usually we do not comment on technical and grammatical errors, because anyone can make a technical mistake, but here the miscues are so egregious and obvious that an average fourth grader would have avoided most of them," the opinion says in a hilarious footnote at the end.

—Source:  DallasObserver.com (Texas)

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"The surest sign that public policies are simply virtue signals is when the messages don't cost anything. The easiest way to tell when that signal starts to fail is to watch politicians flounder as the costs start to rise and voters demand relief. ...Changes like this happen when voters realize the old virtue signals actually entail serious costs -- and that they will have to pay them. That is exactly…[more]
—Charles Lipson, the Peter B. Ritzma Professor of Political Science Emeritus at the University of Chicago
— Charles Lipson, the Peter B. Ritzma Professor of Political Science Emeritus at the University of Chicago
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