We at CFIF have consistently highlighted the peril of federal, state and local government efforts targeting…
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New Study Shows How Overregulating Short-Term Lenders Harms Consumers

We at CFIF have consistently highlighted the peril of federal, state and local government efforts targeting the short-term consumer lending sector.

Less than two years ago, we specifically sounded the alarm on a New Mexico law artificially restricting interest rates on short-term consumer loans.

Well, a new study entitled "A New Mexico Consumer Survey:  Understanding the Impact of the 2023 Rate Cap on Consumers" that surveyed actual borrowers confirms our earlier warnings:

Key findings include:

•Short-term,small-dollar loans help borrowers manage their financial situations, irrespective of the borrower’s income.

•The rate cap has failed to improve the financial wellbeing of New Mexicans, specifically those who had previously relied on short-term, small-dollar loans.


November 27, 2023 • 03:57 PM

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Expanded Ban Bags Lawsuit Print
Wednesday, March 21 2012

Recently, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a measure largely banning the use of plastic bags by city retailers.  The new ordinance is an expansion of the city's existing ban on plastic bags at grocery stores and pharmacies, which now includes all stores and restaurants.  Now the city is being sued over its expanded ban.

In a motion filed by Save the Plastic Bag Coalition, the group's attorney, Stephen Joseph, argues that the passage of the ordinance violates the California Environmental Quality Control Act because a lengthy environmental review was not conducted before the measure was enacted.  "The California Retail Food Code preempts and prohibits cities and counties from taking these matters into their own hands," Joseph argues.

The group contends that not only are plastic bags less environmentally hazardous than paper bags, but the 10-cent fee the measure imposed on the use of paper bags won't actually have an demonstrable impact on their consumption. "A 10-cent fee is, or may be, far too low to act as an effective incentive to promote the use of reusable bags. Very few people will carry a reusable bag to Macy's or other department stores to save a dime," the lawsuit read.

Supporters of the ban argue that plastic bags are a nuisance and clog up landfills.

—Source:  sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com

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"Joe Biden made cracking down on tax-cheating millionaires a centerpiece of his presidency, even securing the funds to hire new IRS agents and auditors. On Thursday, his Justice Department branded first son Hunter Biden as a quintessential tax cheat who chose to underwrite an 'extravagant lifestyle' with millions in foreign monies rather than pay his debts to Uncle Sam.In a sweeping grand jury indictment…[more]
— John Solomon, Chief Executive Officer and Editor in Chief of Just the News
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