In our latest Liberty Update we highlight how replacing Joe Biden atop the Democrats' 2024 ticket wouldn…
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"It's Working?"

In our latest Liberty Update we highlight how replacing Joe Biden atop the Democrats' 2024 ticket wouldn't substantively change the left's "Bidenomics" economic agenda that is the main voter concern driving his unpopularity.  In noting Biden's strange and stubborn habit of whispering into the microphone that "It's working" when promoting that failing agenda, we noted that poverty just surged at a record rate last year, according to the federal government itself.  From our friend Stephen Moore, here's a helpful visual placing it in stark relief:


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="534"] Bidenomics Is "Working?"[/caption]


September 25, 2023 • 12:07 PM

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Mistress Sues County Over Tryst Print
Wednesday, July 18 2012

A Massapequa, NY, woman has filed a notice of intent to sue Nassau County (NY) for $10 million dollars, alleging it failed to supervise a married police officer who spent "over 100 nights" with her while on-duty.

According to news reports, Tara Obenauer had a seven month affair with Nassau County cop Mike Tedesco.  The affair ended when one of Obenauer's neighbors reported that a police car was constantly parked in Obenauer's driveway.  GPS records confirm the car in question visited the address 57 times.  An internal affairs investigation ensued and Tedesco retired without permission from the police commissioner.

Obenauer now claims to have "suffered severe ... emotional and psychological damages" and is "too scared to leave her house fearing that Tedesco [the officer involved] or other officers may retaliate against her." 

An attorney for Obenauer says, "Her reputation has been completely tarnished."

—Source: (Long Island, NY)

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"The massive indictment of Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) and his wife has shaken Washington.As Senate Foreign Relations chairman, Menendez is one of the most powerful Democratic members of Congress, and someone who has long been a kingmaker in the party. He has also long been accused of open and insatiable corruption.What made Menendez a standout in Washington was not his corrupt inclinations, but…[more]
— Jonathan Turley, Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University
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