CFIF often highlights how the Biden Administration's bizarre decision to resurrect failed Title II "…
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Image of the Day: U.S. Internet Speeds Skyrocketed After Ending Failed Title II "Net Neutrality" Experiment

CFIF often highlights how the Biden Administration's bizarre decision to resurrect failed Title II "Net Neutrality" internet regulation, which caused private broadband investment to decline for the first time ever outside of a recession during its brief experiment at the end of the Obama Administration, is a terrible idea that will only punish consumers if allowed to take effect.

Here's what happened after that brief experiment was repealed under the Trump Administration and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai - internet speeds skyrocketed despite late-night comedians' and left-wing activists' warnings that the internet was doomed:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="515"] Internet Speeds Post-"Net Neutrality"[/caption]


April 19, 2024 • 09:51 AM

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Home Jester's Courtroom Lawsuit is Not Child's Play
Lawsuit is Not Child's Play Print
Wednesday, September 19 2012

A Georgia grandmother is being sued by her homeowners association because of a pink playhouse she had built in her backyard for her granddaughter.

Augusta (Georgia) resident Becky Rogers-Peck has been in an ongoing battle with her Mill Haven neighborhood since installing the playhouse last year. Reportedly, the association has no problem with the structure itself, but ra ther the color, which apparently is "too pink" and was not approved in advance. Rogers-Peck claims that the playhouse, which cannot be seen from the street, does not fall under the definition of a backyard structure (like a shed or garage) and so pre-approval of the color was not required.

"The general reaction is, 'Are you kidding me?'" Rogers-Peck told reporters. "'They're suing you over a pink playhouse?' They're policing us like we're in a communist country, and it's just ridiculous. Every once in a while, you've got to stand your ground."

Rogers-Peck was a member of the HOA board at the time the dispute arose in April, but has since been removed. According to news reports, the lawsuit could be dropped if a new board is elected and has a change of heart. She is appealing to potential new board members to stop the nonsense. "I can't afford an attorney, and I was told by an attorney not to go [to court] by yourself," Rogers-Peck said. "I'm just asking for somebody to help me put a stop to this nonsense."

There are 30 homes in the development and Rogers-Peck claims there are numerous violations of other rules, including leaving trash cans or air-conditioning units uncovered.

And as for her granddaughter, Rogers-Peck says, "She knows exactly what's going on, and she is very upset about it. She is scared they might make us tear it down."


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"Soon the government might shut down your car.President Joe Biden's new infrastructure gives bureaucrats that power.You probably didn't hear about that because when media covered it, few mentioned the requirement that by 2026, every American car must 'monitor' the driver, determine if he is impaired and, if so, 'limit vehicle operation.'Rep. Thomas Massie objected, complaining that the law makes government…[more]
— John Stossel, Author, Pundit and Columnist
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