As Dennis Prager neatly illustrates, is now really the time for Joe Biden and other leftists to be advocating…
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Image of the Day: Defund Police, While Crime Spikes Upward?

As Dennis Prager neatly illustrates, is now really the time for Joe Biden and other leftists to be advocating "Defund the Police?"


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="664"] Not the Time to Defund Police[/caption]



July 31, 2020 • 02:19 PM

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Wednesday, July 15 2020

With bars closed in Florida due to coronavirus, it seems house parties have become the new party scene for some.

The City of Miami is suing a homeowner of two properties who neighbors say is hosting large, loud parties, some with as many as 400 attendees. In the once peaceful neighborhood of Belle Meade Island, neighbors have been accumulating photos of the parties taking place at the rental homes, likening them to the new South Beach.

“I call it a horror show, a combination of many nuisances, people driving their cars and speeding, just the amount of cars,” said resident Rita Legace. “There’s just a combo of everything. You do not know when it’s going to happen. You may have company and it’s embarrassing for people to come to your house and see the shenanigans next door. The music is so loud, it’s not normal.”

From girls dancing on rooftops to massages to rappers filming videos, Legace feels she has seen it all. She said a lot of the parties are advertised through social media fliers, where people can purchase tickets to attend.

Despite calls to code enforcement officials and police and cease and desist letters sent this spring, the parties rage on. The City of Miami is now filing a lawsuit against the homeowner, listed as John Petrozza.

“It’s like banging your head against the wall. You just don’t get anywhere,” said Legace who has retained an attorney of her own.

“I am proud to represent Ms. Lagace in regaining the peace and quiet she rightfully expects to enjoy in her home,” said Legace’s attorney, Mary Ann Ruiz. “We thank the City of Miami, City Attorney, Victoria Mendez, and Assistant City Attorney, Rachel S. Dooley, for filing a civil lawsuit to return Belle Meade Island to the peaceful and quiet residential neighborhood it has always been.”


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"The truth is that, except on the air and online, the presidential campaign really hasn't started yet. The coronavirus has upended traditional forms of electioneering. It's forced Trump to cancel his tentpole rallies, driven both parties to hold virtual conventions, and blotted out the daily back-and-forth between candidates and campaigns. That has left the race in a form of suspended animation, with…[more]
—Matthew Continetti, Washington Free Beacon
— Matthew Continetti, Washington Free Beacon
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