As the nation debates continuing coronavirus stimulus, AEI offers an eye-opening analysis:  Unemployment…
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Images of the Day: Unemployment Claims Plummeted Faster After $600 Checks Expired

As the nation debates continuing coronavirus stimulus, AEI offers an eye-opening analysis:  Unemployment claims plummeted and the employment picture improved much faster after those $600 checks expired, reestablishing that while we always want to help those who cannot help themselves, government payouts can sometimes reduce incentives and ability to return to the workforce.  And this doesn't even reflect remarkably positive employment reports released by the government since the end dates:


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="562"] Continuing Unemployment Claims Dropped[/caption]





[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="563"] Initial Unemployment Claims Dropped[/caption]…[more]

November 12, 2020 • 11:57 AM

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Wednesday, October 21 2020

A woman is suing television host Tamron Hall claiming Hall embarrassed her family on a nationally television episode about vaccinations that aired in September 2019.

According to news reports, during the Tamron Hall Show, a daytime talk show on ABC, Hall compared Jeanine DiAngelo’s unvaccinated son to a “leper”, saying she would not let her son anywhere near DiAngelo’s son, much less hug him, because he is not vaccinated. DiAngelo says Hall violated New York law by discriminating against their religious beliefs. DiAngelo further claims Hall was not educated on the issue, which added to the emotional distress suffered by the family.

DiAngelo is suing Hall, Disney and the production company for $16 million in damages. For the record, it is noted that Hall did hug DiAngelo's son.


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