As the nation debates continuing coronavirus stimulus, AEI offers an eye-opening analysis:  Unemployment…
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Images of the Day: Unemployment Claims Plummeted Faster After $600 Checks Expired

As the nation debates continuing coronavirus stimulus, AEI offers an eye-opening analysis:  Unemployment claims plummeted and the employment picture improved much faster after those $600 checks expired, reestablishing that while we always want to help those who cannot help themselves, government payouts can sometimes reduce incentives and ability to return to the workforce.  And this doesn't even reflect remarkably positive employment reports released by the government since the end dates:


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="562"] Continuing Unemployment Claims Dropped[/caption]





[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="563"] Initial Unemployment Claims Dropped[/caption]…[more]

November 12, 2020 • 11:57 AM

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Jester's CourtroomLegal tales stranger than stranger than fiction: Ridiculous and sometimes funny lawsuits plaguing our courts.
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Tuesday, November 10 2020

Neighbors living in an affluent area of Laguna Beach, California, are locked in a lawsuit over ocean views, noise and aesthetics.

According to news reports, Bill Gross, co-founder of bond giant Pacific Investment Management Co, and his partner, Amy Schwartz, are the subject of a complaint filed by tech entrepreneur Mark Towfiq and his wife, Carol Nakahara, over an illuminated 22-foot-long art installation in Mr. Gross’ yard. Towfiq claims the Dale Chihuly glass sculpture, which stretches as high as 10 feet and includes protective netting, was installed on Gross’ $32 million property without a permit. 

After filing the complaint with Laguna Beach authorities, Towfiq alleges that Gross and Schwartz have repeatedly played the theme song to “Gilligan’s Island” throughout the yard, constituting “harassment and intentional infliction of emotional distress.” Towfiq said the dispute has damaged his childhood memories of Gilligan’s Island. Towfiq and Nakahara are seeking a temporary restraining order. 

“It’s almost like being inside of a prison,” said Nakahara about the loud theme-song music that has kept her inside of her house. 

Gross and Schwartz have filed their own complaint seeking a restraining order, charging that Towfiq invaded their privacy by pointing cameras at their house.

A neighbor, Kian Khaloghli, who lives across the street has offered to mediate the dispute. “They can all come into my backyard and have a glass of wine, and we can figure this out,” he said.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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