Confirming once again, as Americans witness the increasing lawlessness around them, that the 2nd Amendment…
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Image of the Day: FBI Gun Purchase Background Checks Set Yet Another Record High in June

Confirming once again, as Americans witness the increasing lawlessness around them, that the 2nd Amendment isn't the anachronism that its antagonists believe:



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July 03, 2020 • 11:23 AM

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Monday, August 02 2010

A Florida inmate is suing the man whose bicycle he stole, claiming the victim and two of his friends roughed him up during a citizen's arrest after they caught him red-handed with the bike.
Michael Dupree, who is serving a 12-year sentence for burglary and cocaine possession, filed the civil lawsuit on his own, without the help of an attorney.  According to the lawsuit, Dupree claims that Anthony McKoy saw him on McKoy's stolen bicycle and McKoy and two others chased him down, pointed a gun, handcuffed him and placed a knee painfully in his back.  Dupree is seeking $500,000 for disabilities and distress suffered during the take-down that "resulted in permanent disabilities and psychological disorders which the Plaintiff continues to suffer."
After being served with the suit, McKoy said, "I thought it was a joke. I'm the victim."
"It's laughable. It's a waste of taxpayer money," he told the St. Petersburg Times. "What gall. I guess time in prison just makes you go crazy." 
—Source: St. Petersburg Times

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