There's a destructive campaign underway to encourage government confiscation of patents from pharmaceutical…
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Image of the Day: Private Pharma Investment Dwarfs Federal NIH Funding

There's a destructive campaign underway to encourage government confiscation of patents from pharmaceutical innovators and dictate the price for Remdesivir and other drugs.  That's a terrible and counterproductive policy under any circumstance, but particularly now that private drug innovators are already hacking away at the coronavirus.  In that vein, this helpful image illustrates the vast disparity between private investment and National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding that some seem to think justifies patent confiscation, price controls or other big-government schemes:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="549"] Private Investment Dwarfs NIH Funding[/caption]…[more]

June 03, 2020 • 10:16 AM

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Thursday, August 19 2010

A New York City cafe was sued by a Manhattan mom who claims she was traumatized when the restaurant manager ordered her to stop breastfeeding her child.
Julia Acevedo-Taylor claims she and a friend were being as discreet as possible when they were nursing their "hungry and tired" babies.  In the lawsuit filed against Lily O'Brien's Chocolate Cafe, Acevedo-Taylor claims that they were told to "leave and never come back" after the women refused the manager's request to stop nursing their babies.
According to the suit, Acevedo-Taylor fled the store in tears and was so traumatized she can no longer nurse in public.
The store's owner counters that no one was asked to leave, but rather that the general manager asked if they could cover up following complaints by other customers.  A sign on the door of the cafe reads, "breast-feeding welcome here."

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"The majority of Americans support calling in the military to 'supplement' police forces as they 'address' protests over the death of George Floyd, a new poll released Tuesday shows.Fifty-eight percent of registered voters of the Morning Consult poll said they were in favor of bringing in the military. And 33% of respondents said they 'strongly support' the use of military for such purposes, with…[more]
—Jordan Lancaster, Daily Caller
— Jordan Lancaster, Daily Caller
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