However else one opines on the merits or perils of artificial intelligence (AI), everyone of good faith…
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Record Labels Rightly Sue Abusive AI Music Generators

However else one opines on the merits or perils of artificial intelligence (AI), everyone of good faith can agree that it mustn't become a tool for brazen copyright infringement.  Artists who pour their (sometimes literal) blood, sweat and tears into their creative works shouldn't have those works stolen and exploited by AI bots.

That is particularly true as it relates to AI music generators specifically created for that exploitative purpose.

For that reason, we should all welcome and applaud major record labels for their decisive lawsuit against AI generators Suno and Udio, whom they accuse in their complaints of copyright violation on an "unimaginable scale."

The complaints make for gripping reading unlike most legal filings, but we're not talking here about sampling various songs…[more]

July 02, 2024 • 06:30 PM

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Tip Jar Lawsuit Print
Tuesday, April 12 2011

Starbucks is being sued over an unfortunate incident relating to the theft of a tip jar from one of its Missouri stores.
On March 3, 2008, then 19-year-old Aaron Poisson snatched the tip jar from the counter of a Crestwood (MO) Starbucks and fled the store.  According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, customer Roger Kreutz, who was ordering coffee at the time, took chase after Poisson.  An altercation occurred near Poisson's car, with Kruetz being thrown to the ground and then hit by Poisson's car as he rushed to escape the scene.  Sadly, Kreutz later died from head injuries related to the incident.
Poisson was arrested in St. Louis and eventually pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter.  He was sentenced to one year in prison.
Now Kreutz' family is suing Starbucks for the wrongful death of Kreutz, claiming that Starbucks “invited criminal behavior” by having the tip jar in a position where it is easily accessible to customers.  Furthermore the family claims Starbucks failed to have security in place to prevent such a crime and that Starbucks breached its duty to exercise reasonable care.  The amount of damages the family is claiming is unavailable.  Poisson is not named in the lawsuit.
Starbucks did not comment regarding the lawsuit. 
—Source:  St. Louis Post Dispatch and

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