We at CFIF have consistently highlighted the peril of federal, state and local government efforts targeting…
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New Study Shows How Overregulating Short-Term Lenders Harms Consumers

We at CFIF have consistently highlighted the peril of federal, state and local government efforts targeting the short-term consumer lending sector.

Less than two years ago, we specifically sounded the alarm on a New Mexico law artificially restricting interest rates on short-term consumer loans.

Well, a new study entitled "A New Mexico Consumer Survey:  Understanding the Impact of the 2023 Rate Cap on Consumers" that surveyed actual borrowers confirms our earlier warnings:

Key findings include:

•Short-term,small-dollar loans help borrowers manage their financial situations, irrespective of the borrower’s income.

•The rate cap has failed to improve the financial wellbeing of New Mexicans, specifically those who had previously relied on short-term, small-dollar loans.


November 27, 2023 • 03:57 PM

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Not Everyone "Loves a Parade" Print
Wednesday, May 18 2011

A Roswell, Georgia, teenager and her family have filed a lawsuit against the City of Alpharetta, parade organizers and the maker of a cannon claiming that the cannon blast at an American Legion parade dramatically impaired the girl's hearing.
Brittany Giles claims the incident happened at a Veteran's Day parade in 2007 when then 14-year-old Giles was preparing to walk the parade route as a member of her high school's marching band.  In a Fulton County courtroom, Giles testified that she was near a cannon when it was fired and the cannon blast felt like a 50-pound weight on her eardrum and that she felt pain.  She also told jurors her doctor said acoustic trauma was to blame and the cannon likely caused the hearing loss.
Giles, who now wears hearing aids, claims she has been ridiculed by her classmates and even had to quit the band.
Alpharetta City Administrator Robert Regus testified no other complaints were received from other parade-goers.  Event planner Kim Dodson also testified no complaints were received from spectators.
—Source:  wsbradio.com (Atlanta)

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"The Biden administration has outpaced other recent presidents in issuing significant regulations that place a financial burden on taxpayers, according to a report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute.Under President Joe Biden, the federal government completed 89 economically significant rules in 2022, defined as those with at least a $100 million economic impact, which is higher than any point…[more]
— Will Kessler, Daily Caller News Foundation
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