As we at CFIF regularly highlight, among the best ways to boost the American economy is via federal…
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CFIF Applauds Antitrust Reform Bill Introduced by Senators Lee, Tillis and Grassley

As we at CFIF regularly highlight, among the best ways to boost the American economy is via federal deregulation, which brought us the strongest economy in world history under President Trump.

For that reason CFIF enthusiastically applauds a new bill introduced by Senators Mike Lee (R - Utah), Thom Tillis (R-- NOrth Carolina) and Charles Grassley (R - Iowa) entitled the Standard Merger and Acquisition Reviews Through Equal Rules (SMARTER) Act.  Currently, differing antitrust review standards applied by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) create confusion throughout our business and financial sectors, unnecessarily restraining U.S. economic prosperity.  The SMARTER Act changes that by harmonizing that process:

'The Federal Trade Commission and the Department…[more]

October 30, 2020 • 05:10 PM

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Jester's CourtroomLegal tales stranger than stranger than fiction: Ridiculous and sometimes funny lawsuits plaguing our courts.
Jester’s Courtroom
The Big Easy?
Thursday, August 13 2020

Comedian Andy Dick has filed a civil lawsuit in New Orleans against a man he claims punched him last year outside a French Quarter nightclub.

According to news reports, Dick alleges David Hale caused “serious, permanent and disabling injuries.” Dick seeks compensation for medical expenses and lost wages, among other damages. Hale maintains that Dick provoked him by grabbing Hale’s genitals and winking at him outside the club where Dick had performed. Dick denies the allegation.

"The entire suit is ridiculous," Hale's attorney, Michael Kennedy said, adding it was "appalling" that Dick would seek lost wages during a pandemic.

Last month the New Orleans district attorney’s office announced it was dropping the prosecution of Hale because Dick failed to cooperate and keep in touch with prosecutors. Dick has since said he would be willing to come to New Orleans to testify against Hale.


Do Masks Interfere with the Ability to Pray?
Thursday, August 06 2020

A Florida pastor is suing local authorities over a mask mandate, claiming the resolution is wrong biblically.

Rev. Joel Tillis, a pastor at Suncoast Baptist Church in Palmetto, has joined forces with State Representative Anthony Sabatini (R) to nullify a local ordinance that requires people to wear masks inside businesses and churches when social distancing isn’t possible. Sabatini has filed over a dozen similar lawsuits across the state.

"The resolution is wrong legally. The resolution is wrong biblically. The resolution is wrong medically. The resolution is wrong, and we do not accept it under any circumstances," Tillis told a crowd at a gathering in support of the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, the mandate is "a radical infringement of the reasonable and legitimate expectation of privacy and facial autonomy in addition to the medical privacy by forcing them to wear masks for the majority of the day." Tillis adds that the mandate makes it "more difficult for him to preach and for members of the choir at his church to sing."

Source: The Bradenton Herald

No Constitutional Right to Infect Others
Thursday, July 30 2020

A judge in Palm Beach County, Florida, has upheld the county’s mandate requiring people to wear masks to fight the spread of COVID-19.

Four Palm Beach County residents sued the county, alleging the face mask requirement in public places infringes on their constitutional right to free speech and privacy. Circuit Court Judge John Kastrenakes ruled otherwise.

"We do not have a constitutional right to infect others," Judge Kastrenakes said in his order. "The right to be 'free from governmental intrusion' does not automatically or completely shield an individual’s conduct from regulation...This is particularly true when one’s individual choices can result in drastic, costly, and sometimes deadly, consequences to others."

According to news reports, Pompano Beach attorney Louis Leo IV, who is representing the plaintiffs, responded to the decision in a public post on Facebook, saying the order paved "the way for continued government tyranny under the guise of disease prevention."

An appeal of the decision to the District Court of Appeals is expected.


After the Bucks from a Starbuck's Barista
Wednesday, July 22 2020

A California woman is threatening to sue a Starbuck’s barista for half of the $100,000 in donations the barista received after the customer took to social media complaining the barista refused to serve her because she wasn’t wearing a mask.

Amber Gilles says she posted a photo of barista Lenin Gutierrez with the caption: "Meet Lenen from Starbucks who refused to serve me cause I’m not wearing a mask. Next time I will wait for cops and bring a medical exemption." Gilles' post exploded online, with a GoFundMe to raise tip money for Gutierrez collecting more than $100,000.

Gilles claims she has medical problems preventing her from wearing a mask and that Gutierrez’s action constituted discrimination.

"I get shortness of breath, dizziness and it messes with the heartbeat," said Gilles. "And I do have asthma as well, and I do get 'maskne'. So there’s several things going on and not only that but it doesn’t even work."

According to news reports, Gilles shared two pieces of paperwork to support her claim of a medical exemption — one of which was a 2015 doctor’s report on an ovarian cyst.

Gilles wants half of the GoFundMe money donated, and is threatening to sue. Noting that lawyers are expensive, Gilles has started her own GoFundMe to raise legal fees.

Starbucks now requires customers to wear facial coverings or masks in all 9,000 of its company-owned American stores. Customers who refuse to wear a mask inside can order using delivery, the drive-thru or curbside pickup, the company said. 


The Party Must Go On
Wednesday, July 15 2020

With bars closed in Florida due to coronavirus, it seems house parties have become the new party scene for some.

The City of Miami is suing a homeowner of two properties who neighbors say is hosting large, loud parties, some with as many as 400 attendees. In the once peaceful neighborhood of Belle Meade Island, neighbors have been accumulating photos of the parties taking place at the rental homes, likening them to the new South Beach.

“I call it a horror show, a combination of many nuisances, people driving their cars and speeding, just the amount of cars,” said resident Rita Legace. “There’s just a combo of everything. You do not know when it’s going to happen. You may have company and it’s embarrassing for people to come to your house and see the shenanigans next door. The music is so loud, it’s not normal.”

From girls dancing on rooftops to massages to rappers filming videos, Legace feels she has seen it all. She said a lot of the parties are advertised through social media fliers, where people can purchase tickets to attend.

Despite calls to code enforcement officials and police and cease and desist letters sent this spring, the parties rage on. The City of Miami is now filing a lawsuit against the homeowner, listed as John Petrozza.

“It’s like banging your head against the wall. You just don’t get anywhere,” said Legace who has retained an attorney of her own.

“I am proud to represent Ms. Lagace in regaining the peace and quiet she rightfully expects to enjoy in her home,” said Legace’s attorney, Mary Ann Ruiz. “We thank the City of Miami, City Attorney, Victoria Mendez, and Assistant City Attorney, Rachel S. Dooley, for filing a civil lawsuit to return Belle Meade Island to the peaceful and quiet residential neighborhood it has always been.”


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