In our recent Liberty Update, CFIF sounded the alarm on Gigi Sohn, Joe Biden's dangerously extremist…
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Former U.S. Attorney General Agrees: "Hyperpartisan Gigi Sohn Doesn't Belong at the FCC"

In our recent Liberty Update, CFIF sounded the alarm on Gigi Sohn, Joe Biden's dangerously extremist nominee to the Federal Commission (FCC), noting that, "Ms. Sohn is simply too radical to be confirmed to the FCC at a time when Americans rely more than ever on a thriving internet service sector, and the Biden Administration has only itself to blame for its delay in nominating her."

In today's Wall Street Journal, former acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker brilliantly echoes the growing consensus that Ms. Sohn is simply too radical in a commentary entitled "Hyperpartisan Gigi Sohn Doesn't Belong on the FCC":

In addition to her hyperpartisan social-media presence, Ms. Sohn has dubbed Fox News 'state-sponsored propaganda' and has urged the FCC to look into whether Sinclair…[more]

December 01, 2021 • 11:55 AM

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301 This “New” ObamaCare Game Is for Suckers, Just Like the Old One

First, Obama and Company bought off the drug companies.  Then the hospitals. By the time they got to the pitifully inept AMA and the double-dealing AARP, those fast-talking sharpies were easy. They already owned the Congress, both houses with unassailable majorities stoned out of their empty gourds on the power of first spending the people&rsquo…

302 If the Public Option is Dead: Then What?

This week, opponents of a government-run health care system welcomed the news that President Obama might drop the controversial “Public Option” from his list of reform proposals. Despite weeks on the trail staging supportive town halls, the President is coming to the realization that there aren’t enough votes to pass his preferred…

303 Do Conservatives Offer a Healthcare Alternative? Meet Paul Ryan

Support for Barack Obama’s healthcare agenda has reached a new nadir, confirming the adage that familiarity breeds contempt toward his misguided proposal. According to Rasmussen Reports, a 53 percent majority of American voters now oppose the plan by Obama and Congressional Democrats to commandeer fully one-sixth of our economy, a nine-point…

304 Dear Senior Citizens:

You are being called upon to rescue your country. Yes, again. You have done it through depression, recession, war, plague and pestilence. You did it for your country and you did it for yourselves, and you must do it yet again. You must do it by opposing, with all your senior intellect, experience and vigor, the current government schemes to &ldquo…

305 The Quotable Barack Obama

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama, reeling from growing public opposition to his proposed healthcare reform, took to the stage for a town hall meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The stated intent of the event was to correct public misperceptions about the president’s proposal. But the outcome spoke more to the plan’s weaknesses than…

306 President of American Association of Neurological Surgeons Discusses Need for Medical Liability Reform

Recently, Dr. Tippett joined CFIF’s Renee Giachino to discuss medical liability reform, the costs associated with practicing defensive medicine, and what doctors need to see in a health care reform in order to support a plan.

307 What’s in the Health Care Bill?

According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the myriad of new taxes scattered throughout the 1,000-plus-page House health care bill will do little to lessen our $9 trillion national debt. In fact, the CBO projects that H.R. 3200, which will cost taxpayers well over $1 trillion, is set to increase the national debt by $239 billion over the next…

308 Fishy Is As Fishy Does, Mr. President

Citizen Alert! President Obama needs your help, and we want to help you help him. Although we do not usually involve ourselves in causes that may require stooling on neighbors and relatives, this is a special White House request, and we are thus sure that all civil liberty and privacy concerns have been adequately vetted by Justice Department counsel…

309 What To Do About “Health Care Reform”

Oppose it. Oppose it out of self-interest or simply because the country is being jobbed yet again by a President and Congress that seem incapable of telling the truth on any legislation before or after the fact.

310 Former American Medical Association President Counters Organization’s Endorsement of Government-Run Health Care

Recently, Dr. Palmisano joined CFIF’s Renee Giachino to discuss CPPR, why policymakers shouldn’t support legislation that will diminish care to 90 percent of our population, and why it’s wrong under President Obama’s plan to take health care decisions out of the hands of doctors and patients and give it to the government.

311 Government-Run Health Care Plan Worse Than Anyone Imagined

Democrats in the House of the Representatives this week introduced their long-anticipated plan to reform the nation’s health care system. Simply put, it is worse than anyone could have imagined. Euphemistically titled "America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009," the 1,018-page bill is filled with massive tax hikes to be levied…

312 ObamaCare 101: How President Obama's Healthcare Reforms Will Impact Patients and Doctors

As the White House and Congress intensify their efforts to revamp the nation’s healthcare system, the American people seem to have more questions than answers. How will “reform” impact access to care and physicians? How will “reform” be paid for? Others are questioning why we are rushing into a government-run healthcare…

313 Beware New York Times Polls, “46 Million Uninsured” and Other ObamaCare Hoaxes

If Barack Obama’s health care overhaul is such a good idea, why must its proponents resort to deception when advocating it?  When something can stand on its own merits, there is obviously no need to prevaricate.  And the fact that efforts to socialize America’s health care sector cannot stand on their own logical merits betrays…

314 Government-Run Health Care: The Wrong Prescription for America

In a plea to political supporters to pressure lawmakers to act with urgency on his plan to socialize America’s health care system, President Obama recently said that if Congress doesn't deliver legislation by the end of the year, the opportunity will be lost. In response, several proposals were floated in Congress this week, including one by…

315 Renowned Neurosurgeon Discusses Health Care Reform and President’s Campaign Promises

Wednesday marked President Obama’s 100th day in office.  With that critical day now behind us, the honeymoon is officially over, and it’s time for the media to truly dissect and report on the President and his agenda. Take, for example, PolitiFact’s findings that of the more than 500 campaign promises made by then presidential…

316 Doctors: How Many Presidential Colonoscopies Can You Take?

Jim Geraghty of National Review Online initiated and has virtually patented the phrase, “All statements from Barack Obama come with an expiration date,” documenting same with accelerating frequency. Now, albeit a little late, some doctors (not nearly enough) are getting heart palpitations over what seems to be an Obama statement that defied…

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"Unemployment fraud exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the U.S. Labor Department Inspector General's semiannual report to Congress.Approximately $872 billion in federal funding was allocated to unemployment benefits in the last year, and at least 10% was estimated to be paid 'improperly, with a significant portion attributable to fraud.'This means that at least $87 billion was lost…[more]
—Madeleine Hubbard, Just the News
— Madeleine Hubbard, Just the News
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